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Insights on Testosterone, Libido, and Sexual Function

(Breather) Don’t let the title of this show make you think this episode is mainly for male listeners: you will learn a lot about sexual function and libido that is relevant for women as well.  I’ve…


Dan Vinson: Livin’ The Monkii Life

Dan Vinson is the Founder of, makers of unique, compact home fitness equipment that allow you to enjoy a full-body workout.  He has also had quite an interesting journey as a young entrepreneur and lifelong…


Overcoming Fear and Backing Into Happiness ― Insights Inspired By Dave Rossi

(Breather) Four-time podcast guest Dave Rossi has a unique approach to spirituality and happiness that leaves a lasting impact. Enjoy our previous shows (like the episode about his book, The Imperative Habit, and Overcoming Fear and…


Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns: Introducing Two Meals A Day

The long-awaited release of the diet book to end all diet books is here!  Two Meals A Day transcends the confusion and controversy about healthy eating and obsessing over strict food choices and meal patterns required…


Brad’s 5-year Health & Fitness Reflections, Part 2

(Breather) Part 2 of my five-year health and fitness reflections covers some great exercise breakthroughs that I’ve implemented recently, as well as some lifestyle and mindset strategies that I’m placing great importance on these days. I…


Robb Wolf: Healthy Rebellion, Lift More Weights — Eat More Protein, And Dialing Up The BS Meter

Robb Wolf is on fire! The Paleo movement founding father shows why he is one of the true thought leaders of modern times with an assortment of breakthrough insights and aggressive challenges to stuff that ain’t…


Brad’s 5-year Health & Fitness Reflections, Part 1

(Breather)Inspired by a lengthy email exchange with my childhood friend, former podcast guest and ageless wonder athlete, Dave Kobrine (age 59 with a recent biological age result of 47!), I offer a two-part show discussing major…


Dr. Paul Saladino: Kicking Ass At A Higher Level And Avoiding “Inexorable Decline To Decrepitude”

Dr. Paul, carnivore diet leader, author of The Carnivore Code, host of the Fundamental Health podcast, is back for show #3!  As regular listeners know, Paul makes an extremely compelling argument for a nutrient-dense, nose-to-tail, animal-based…


Dr. Josh Axe: Ancient Remedies, Integrating Eastern and Western Health Insights, The Importance of Mindset And Plants For Healing, and Like Supports Like Extended Version

“If you have the emotion of worry, it causes disease in the upper GI – that’s a fact. The emotion of fear affects your adrenals, kidney, and bladder, grief and depression affect the immune system, and…


“A Little Bit Of Blur” In Your Life

(Breather)This show is inspired by my interview with founder Jake Steiner, published on Nov 3, 2020. I was so inspired by Jake’s message that I ditched my glasses cold turkey after our interview, which took…