Break Your Personal World Records, Throughout Life!

Brad’s talk is definitely off-beat, but absolutely never boring! His non-stop humor and irreverence will have you laughing and smiling throughout, but you will also be compelled to reflect deeply on the importance of maintaining passion and competitive intensity throughout life, and leveraging a world record mindset into everything you do.

Alas, in the age of Internet self-promoters and social media gurus, we’re in danger of overdosing on platitudes, winning acronyms, and motivational messages. Brad’s presentation is different. As the title of his podcast suggests, the secret to living a long, happy, passionate life is to Get Over Yourself—to cultivate a pure motivation for peak performance by releasing the attachment of your self-esteem to the outcome. Getting over yourself will also help you transcend society’s narrow focus on material success and become a peak performer in career, family, personal relationships, community, and in competitive athletic goals that you can continually adjust and recalibrate to be a sensible and appropriate fit for your current lifestyle circumstances.

Brad captivates the audience with a wild and crazy story about his pursuit of a Guinness World Record in his beloved sport of Speedgolf, for the fastest single hole of golf ever played (500-yard minimum length). In 2018, while sprinting full speed and carrying only one club (3-wood) on a par-5, Brad set a record time of 1 minute, 38 seconds, scoring a birdie 4! While the stunt was “just for fun”—unlike his triathlon racing which represented his defining purpose of his life for a decade—Brad relates how his folly as a 53-year-old Speedgolfer elicited the same level of passion, focus, and competitive intensity as a world championship triathlon competition decades before. You will be awakened to the importance of cultivating a similar competitive passion, and how you can leverage the focus and discipline necessary for peak performance into all other areas of life, including healthy loving relationships, diet and lifestyle goals, and taking it to the next level with your career.

Should You Hire This Guy?
Brad has over 30 years of experience delivering keynote presentations to corporate groups, conventions, and community groups (partial list below). Instead of blowing into town and giving a canned speech, Brad takes the time to learn about the unique dynamics, interests, and goals of your group, and customize his presentation accordingly. If you want to give your group a healthy dose of fun, inspiration, and practical strategies to leverage success across disparate life goals and responsibilities, Brad’s presentation will be a breath of fresh air.

Brad can also deliver a keynote presentation how to establish healthy diet, exercise, sleep and stress management habits. His recommendations honor the ancestral approach with some easy to understand and implement concepts that will work even for busy people who like to enjoy life and aren’t diet and fitness freaks.

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Comprehensive guidance to achieve peak performance in all areas of life

This is an elite coaching service for a select few peak performers looking for intensive and broad based guidance for how to eat, exercise, sleep, manage stress, and be the best they can be in all areas of life. Brad and has been coaching since 1987, working with everyone from world-class professional athletes to corporate employees looking to lose excess body fat, establish healthy eating, exercising, and lifestyle patterns, improve general health, and minimize disease risk. Brad applies the ancestral approach and leverages the important lessons he learned as a professional athlete to help you cultivate a pure motivation for peak performance.

Brad bypasses ineffective strategies like heavy-handed hounding, babysitting, or breezy cheerleading to become your strategist, logistics expert, motivating force, accountability partner, and voice of reason. You will be empowered to cultivate an intuitive approach to peak performance in life, adopting a long-term view instead of the narrow focus on short-term results that often leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction. You’ll be empowered to make the best decisions for yourself every day instead of blindly follow a regimented schedule. Email with your interest for further discussion.


Some groups Brad has spoken to:


  • US Navy SEALS Family retreat, Anaheim, CA
  • Yahoo, Inc. customer sales retreat, Snoqualmie, WA
  • Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar – 22-city USA tour in 2012
  • Interwoven (software company, Sunnyvale, CA): Worldwide weekly employee meeting host.
  • Douglas Laboratories annual sales meeting, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Latitude Communications (software company, San Jose, CA)
  • Contra Costa Real Estate Agents Association
  • Rotary Clubs in Auburn, CA
  • Placer County Contractors Association Annual Banquet
  • Placer County Real Estate Agents Association
  • Placer Title Auburn, CA Employees
  • Placer Title Roseville, CA Employees
  • Placer Title Management Retreat, San Diego, CA
  • Breathe California district awards luncheon, Sacramento, CA
  • Datalogix, Westminster, CO
  • SES Satellite, Inc., Princeton, NJ

Triathlon Clubs: 

Sacramento, Davis Mad Cows, Santa Rosa Tri Dogs, San Francisco Tri Club, Golden Gate Tri Club, Silicon Valley Tri Club, Los Angeles Tri Club, Tri Club of San Diego, Phoenix Tri Club, Team Sheeper Multisport, Kain Performance Team, Auburn Bike Club.

Specialty Stores:

Auburn Running Company, Rocklin Running and Racing, Sports Basement San Francisco, Sports Basement Sunnyvale, Sports Basement Presidio, Sports Basement Walnut Creek

Health/Athletic Clubs:

Snowcreek Athletic Club, Mammoth Lakes, CA, Battle Born CrossFit, Reno, NV., American River Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Clinic, Auburn, CA. Gold River Racquet Club, Gold River, CA. Chirosport Chiropractic Clinic, Auburn, CA.

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