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TJ Quillin
Success Stories

MOFO has been nothing short of an incredible addition to my daily life. After a few days of taking this stuff, I started noticing higher energy levels throughout the day (and focus), increased libido (no joke!!), and better sleep (didn’t expect this at all!), not to mention better performance in the gym. I was finally able to break through a deadlift plateau and pull a 605lb deadlift, more than triple my body weight of 198 pounds! I was astonished because other than the MOFO supplement (and it’s positive, accompanying side effects) nothing else had changed in my daily routine in order to merit this accomplishment. I’m a big believer in MOFO and personally, I like to double dose this stuff at 12 capsules per day. The more the merrier!”


28, Union Grove, AL. Marketing director and powerlifter.

Success Stories

“I’ve been taking MOFO for several months and I can really tell a
difference in my stamina, strength, and body composition. When I
started working out of my home in 2020, I devised a unique strategy
to stay fit and break up prolonged periods of stillness. On the hour
alarm, I do 35 pushups, 15 pull-ups, and 30 squats. I also walk around
my neighborhood in direct sunlight with my shirt off at midday.

My fitness has actually skyrocketed since the closing of my gym!
However, this daily routine (in addition to many other regular
workouts as well as occasional extreme endurance feats, like a
Grand Canyon double crossing that takes all day) is no joke. I need
to optimize my sleep habits with evenings of minimal screen use
and dim light, and eat an exceptionally nutrient-dense diet, and
finally take the highest quality and most effective and appropriate
supplements I can find.”


50, Austin, TX. Peak performance expert, certified
health coach, and extreme endurance athlete.

Boosting Testosterone Naturally
Mofo Success Stories
Success Stories

MOFO has been a key part of my peak performance and recovery plan in 2020. Within in a week of taking the product, I sensed an increase in interest in the bedroom. I couldn’t believe it. The GF noticed too (happy girl!). I also experienced an energy increase along with an alertness and clarity that I’ve never experienced before. I also noticed improved performance and recovery from workouts. I’m training for another Ironman 70.3 event in 2021 and also for a busy winter as a ski instructor.

My commitment to MOFO is part of a comprehensive lifestyle transformation plan that I’ve been on for over five years–since the day I left the hospital after major heart surgery. I suffered another setback in 2020 when I was severely injured by a vehicle collision while riding my bicycle. My recovery has been steady and reliable because I have made a total commitment in all areas of my lifestyle. I’m extremely diligent with a low-carb, carnivore-ish diet, have eliminated all processed foods, I watch my heart rate in training, and get plenty of sleep. I’ve learned that success with lifestyle transformation requires a total commitment. Don’t go buying fancy supplements if you are still eating processed food. 

If you are overtraining, all other bets are definitely off. MOFO has a prominent role in my plan because I’m not that great at cooking up organ meats on a regular basis. I purchase grassfed beef directly from a local farm at shop at the best stores, but I feel like MOFO helps shore up a potential deficiency in my overall A-game. I take six every day and highly recommend the product.


58, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Dental management executive, ski instructor, long distance triathlete.

Success Stories

I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my life at age 55! MOFO really works and I can feel a distinct difference. I can confirm this because I tried the first release of the product in early 2020, then didn’t use it for a while during back order period, and then got back into the groove with a noticeable increase in energy and vitality. I have regained my six-pack for the first time since college, taking a long road back to health from my low point when I weighed 205 pounds (at 5’7”) and felt a lack of personal confidence accordingly.

One thing I have to say to other MOFO’s is that it’s not just about taking the pills, you have to make a total commitment to healthy living and working hard to get the body you want. I am longtime endurance runner and I know how to train sensibly, but I also push myself once in a while by going longer than I have before. When I go to the gym, I’m there to focus and get some real work done. Everyone needs a trigger to stimulate lifestyle change. For me, it was my father informing me that he was going in for quadruple bypass surgery a few years ago. He gave me the kind but firm suggestion, “This might be a good time to get your act together.” 

Let me tell you, standing there with my overweight, unfit body, and seeing my mortality as close up as you can possibly imagine through your own father has had a major impact. The very next day, I started on my project to get the six-pack back and everything that comes with it. MOFO is a supplement I really count on and swear by.


56, Meridian, ID. Major airline reservations/sales agent and distance runner.

Brad Kearns Podcast
Success Stories

2020 has been an epic year of high volume endurance training, and I am always looking for foods and supplements that can help my recovery. At age 54, I’m basically trying to train like I did decades ago. A few weeks after I started taking MOFO, the first big change I noticed was in my sleep patterns. I have historically slept like shit, and I started sleeping much better. Second. I keep everything at extremely low levels of cardio, rarely going over 130 bpm. I’m at 6,789 miles/440,000 vertical on the bike, 1,350 miles/116,000 vertical for running and 212,000 yards for swimming this year. Obviously my legs and mind can get a little tired at these levels, but I feel like I’m getting a significant boost from energizing my cells with MOFO. Recently, I climbed Mt. Diablo (Epic San Francisco Bay Area climb to 4,000’) with no effort and it ended up being one of my fastest times this year.”


54, Aix-en-Provence, France. Extreme endurance athlete and adventureman of the globe.

Success Stories

Along with Ancestral Supplements Beef Organs, MOFO has become one of my go-to supplements in my daily routine. I’ll usually take 6 capsules along with my protein shake. It’s basically my multivitamin! I’m waking up earlier, my energy is boosted, and I feel great. I’m a fan! Supplementing with freeze dried animal organs aligns with my philosophy of eating a carnivore-style style with a high protein-to-energy ratio to achieve peak performance, reliable fat loss and mental clarity. In my book (written with Dr. Ted Naiman) The P/E Diet we discuss how the high satiety value of protein helps you to unlock stored body fat as your main source of energy and get off the blood sugar roller coaster caused by the typical western diet high in processed carbs. As a coach to many devoted health enthusiasts looking for transformation through 21daycarnivoreshred.com, I have learned that diet and exercise recommendations need to be simple and sustainable or they will fail.

If you can emphasize nutritious protein sources, include superfoods like bone broth, pastured eggs, grassfed red meat, and organ meats or freeze dried organ supplements, you will feel naturally energetic and satisfied and be able to effortlessly eat well for years to come.


27, Miami Beach, FL. Actor, singer, author, podcast host, creator of 21DayCarnivoreShred.com

Success Stories

I’m trying to maintain a good fitness/athletic regimen of extreme hiking and mountaineering, cycling, golf and tennis even as I pass the 5-0 mark! I try to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep but I feel like I could use a little boost at times. Recovery is just tougher when you get older and there is no way around it. This is where I’m happy to recommend the MOFO Male Optimization formula. The product information on the Brad Kearns.com/mofo page was extremely detailed – it took me probably an hour to read the whole thing and I took tons of notes.

What I really like about the “MOFO Mission” approach is the emphasis on comprehensive lifestyle practices that support healthy testosterone and disease protection. They even go so far as to say don’t take this product if you are going to be lazy and not commit to healthy, diet, exercise, and sleep! The Male Optimization formula gives me a tremendous nutritional boost, but I also feel like it has given me a psychological boost to keep me motivated and focused. The message is that the product can shore up nutritional deficiencies and replenish cellular energy to the extent that you have more energy and motivation to do things like do awesome workouts, get to sleep on time, and keep male hormones optimized. Great product, goes down easy, no stomach upset or back-taste.


51, La Jolla, CA. Ameriprise Financial Advisor, extreme hiker, endurance cyclist, amateur golfer.

Success Stories

In recent years, I have started to pay much more attention to my health. Years of long commuting and an average but not great diet started to catch up to me in my 50s. I’ve always been lean and athletic in my life, but I could notice things slipping away and wanted to do something about it. I went keto in 2017 and experienced fantastic results with fat loss, increased energy and better blood work. Now you might call me “all in” on this quest for health and peak performance advantages. I decided to try MOFO because the theme of ancestral eating and the nutrient-dense organ meats comes up over and over with the world’s leading experts on ancestral health.

I have the ambition to consume more organ meats, but it doesn’t seem to happen as much as I like. When I discovered the Ancestral Supplements product line, I went crazy and stocked my cupboard with numerous products. I take Grassfed Colostrum in the morning for gut health, and I take a big handful of Grassfed Liver and Grassfed Beef Organs with every meal I have at home. I have some other specialized products too, but MOFO was particularly interesting because of the focus on testosterone.

From my research, it seems that preserving healthy testosterone is the way to delay aging and decline. Here in my mid-50s, I feel like I’ve discovered this product and my other lifestyle changes just in time! MOFO and the other Ancestral Supplements products are of absolutely top quality and purity, and this is really important to me. I even asked the company for some supporting documentation about their product standards and they were extremely helpful and responsive. I can’t recommend this product any more highly, it’s great for men of any age to get a little edge from a natural whole food supplement.


56, Calabasas, CA. Business owner, yoga and healthy living enthusiast.

Success Stories

I’ve had a lifelong devotion to fitness and athletic competition. At age 56, I am still trying to push some heavy weights around and compete in tennis at the highest level of my age division. I’m willing to try new things with diet and supplementation so I ordered the MOFO. I feel like I have discovered a simple and powerful solution to the hassle and uncertainty of ordering all these powders and pills and trying to keep up with the latest, greatest ideas for nutrition and health. MOFO works very well with my very sensitive stomach, and I feel an assortment of positive benefits. This includes faster recovery, better sleep, better digestion, and no negative effects. 

The more I read about, the more I realize that this is really a superfood in a capsule instead of another high tech powder or pill. I’m getting sick of looking in my cupboard at all the stuff I’m supposed to take, wondering if it’s worth the money and the hassle. I don’t know about you, but I often forget to take stuff. I’ve tested low in testosterone in the past, which I attribute to overtraining and not the most careful diet. 

I appreciate how the MOFO movement emphasizes eating the most nutritious foods and cutting out the junk along with taking the product. I feel like I’ve made some great breakthroughs by going all-in here: I take 6 capsules per day (I don’t have to worry about whether it’s with a meal or not, since technically this is a food itself!), have transitioned to a more ancestral-style diet, and do better with my stress-rest workout balance. I highly recommend this product and the supportive lifestyle information you can read at bradkearns.com/mofo.


56, Calabasas, CA. Mortgage loan executive, elite 55+ tennis player

Success Stories

Joe Ochoa reports a significant boost in energy from increasing his intake of liver, other organ meats, and the MOFO supplement. Joe asserts that you too will quickly feel an energy boost from upping your liver game. 

“I started taking MOFO a couple years ago, but it’s been on and off like many supplements. Recently, as I’ve learned more about the nutritional benefits of animal organs, I’ve been making liver smoothies and taking lots of MOFO. I can attest to a significant boost in daily energy. Recently, I woke up at 5am, played 18 holes of golf in 100F+ temperatures, came home for a quick lunch, then a 40-minute workout in the gym. I had a productive afternoon at work and enjoyed evening family time. Previously, there is no way I could have handled that active of a day—I would have needed a nap and been crashed out early. 

MOFO and liver smoothies won’t magically make up for crappy lifestyle habits. I follow an extremely clean diet, a pretty serious workout regimen of strength training, aikido, hiking, and of course golf (except its not much of a workout since I don’t take that many strokes), and try to get good sleep (I’m sleeping better with my recent diet and supplement focus too!). If you are a devoted health and fitness enthusiast looking for a boost, see if you can up your game with organ meat consumption. Start taking MOFO and I’m confident you’ll notice across the board benefits, including libido.”


50, Scottsdale, AZ. Nutrition/health executive, amateur golfer

MOFO Joe Ochoa testimonial

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