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Insights on Testosterone, Libido, and Sexual Function

(Breather) Don’t let the title of this show make you think this episode is mainly for male listeners: you will learn a lot about sexual function and libido that is relevant for women as well.  I’ve…


Overcoming Fear and Backing Into Happiness ― Insights Inspired By Dave Rossi

(Breather) Four-time podcast guest Dave Rossi has a unique approach to spirituality and happiness that leaves a lasting impact. Enjoy our previous shows (like the episode about his book, The Imperative Habit, and Overcoming Fear and…


Brad’s 5-year Health & Fitness Reflections, Part 2

(Breather) Part 2 of my five-year health and fitness reflections covers some great exercise breakthroughs that I’ve implemented recently, as well as some lifestyle and mindset strategies that I’m placing great importance on these days. I…


Brad’s 5-year Health & Fitness Reflections, Part 1

(Breather)Inspired by a lengthy email exchange with my childhood friend, former podcast guest and ageless wonder athlete, Dave Kobrine (age 59 with a recent biological age result of 47!), I offer a two-part show discussing major…


“A Little Bit Of Blur” In Your Life

(Breather)This show is inspired by my interview with founder Jake Steiner, published on Nov 3, 2020. I was so inspired by Jake’s message that I ditched my glasses cold turkey after our interview, which took…


Predicting The Future Of Health and Fitness, And 9 Tips To Transform Your Life in 2021, Part 3

(Breather)Did you know that the health risks associated with loneliness are about the same as the risks associated with obesity?  Yes, that’s right, it’s not just your emotional well-being that is affected by your social interactions…


Predicting The Future Of Health and Fitness, And 9 Tips To Transform Your Life in 2021, Part 2

(Breather)This episode will pick up where we left off and continue to look into the future of health and fitness, with a focus on workplace and career dynamics and exercising discipline with technology use. Here are…


Predicting The Future Of Health and Fitness, And 9 Tips To Transform Your Life in 2021, Part 1

(Breather) Happy new year and welcome to the newly renamed, B.rad podcast!  For the first show of 2021, I’ll be sharing predictions of what’s hot, what’s coming on strong, and how we can sort through all…


Listener Q&A -MOFO Supplementation, Building a Healthier Metabolism with More Movement, Fat Adapted Endurance Training, HIIT vs HIRT, and Combining Micro workouts with Full Workouts

(Breather) Enjoy insights on a variety of topics during this breather show, including: the best time to supplement with MOFO and detox reaction considerations; second-guessing the concept of caloric efficiency to introduce the concept of moving…


Listener Q&A – Endurance Training, Carnivore Diet Experimentation, and Being Strategic About Helping Others

(Breather) Enjoy some really thoughtful questions from listeners on an incredible variety of topics relating to healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle.  In this breather show, you’ll hear a little bit of my amateur attempt at an…