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Breaking Down Breathing

Everyone is all geeked out about Wim Hof’s badass and elaborate breathing techniques, but Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage, is presenting an incredibly simple and scientifically validated alternate idea: we breathe too much oxygen,…


Rethinking Cardio

While I’m not typically big on consistency, I do make exceptions when it comes to a few things, mainly my Morning Flexibility/Mobility Routine and my commitment to continuing to raise the bar in every area of…


My New Diet

I’m often asked about my diet and what a “normal” day of eating looks like for me. If you’ve seen my Day in the Life video, you’ll know that day to day, my meals vary. The…


Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger: Bland, Bad for the Planet, and Bad For You

While Beyond Meat and The Impossible Burger have been around for a few years, it wasn’t until recently that I even learned what was in them. Spoiler alert: it’s worse than you probably thought it could…


10 Ways To Skip: The Ultimate Running Drill

Enjoy my fun new YouTube video, 10 Ways To Skip. I demonstrate some really fun and challenging drills to help you hone an excellent running technique. Skipping (and the many possible variations of the basic move…


The #1 Trick for Anti-Aging, Productivity, and Brain Health You May Not Know

I’ve talked about longevity and the importance of the mind-body connection many times on the B.Rad podcast; covering one of my favorite, life-changing reads, The Biology of Belief (Episode 1 / Episode 2) and recording shows…


Everything You Need To Know About Bad Oils

We’ve all heard of “bad” oils by now: how we should avoid them at all costs, and instead use butter, ghee, avocado, coconut, or olive oil in their place, and how it’s imperative to ask restaurants…


What Makes MOFO So Powerful

Designed to naturally boost your testosterone production, increase daily energy levels, and help replenish your body at the cellular level, MOFO is a unique supplement composed of nutrient-rich animal organs, sourced straight from New Zealand, from…


Expanding Your Focus: Reflections on 2020

So with all the great shows about diet, fitness, healthy living, what’s interesting to reflect upon as the year comes to an end is what is beyond nailing all the logistics and practical application. You know…


Carnivore Scores: A Food Chart To Clarify and Simplify

The carnivore diet has exploded in popularity as people realize maximum nutrient density and satiety come from animals and that certain plant foods/many plant foods can trigger inflammatory or autoimmune reactions due to natural antigens aka…