In part two, I continue talking about the most effective lifestyle changes we can make to minimize disease risk factors.

Part one of this show focused on the benefits of getting regular blood work done and what to specifically look out for in blood tests, as well as the importance of glucose monitoring and tracking testosterone frequently. I also shared some of the best ways to track cardiovascular disease risk and this week, we’re picking up where we left off. The episode starts with some more important information related to blood work and testosterone levels, which then segues into the topic of optimizing sauna use. I also discuss the ideal ways to help your body recover from workouts and the best exercises for building greater androgen receptor density (as well as why this plays a big role in male hormone health).


It is important to get a good look at your blood going beyond the perfunctory annual exam. [01:29]

Be sure to get your testosterone level checked regularly. The higher the count, the better. [02:35]

If you have greater androgen receptor density then you can thrive on a lower testosterone level.  You build that with strength training. [06:33]

Often there is misunderstanding about free testosterone vs. bound testosterone. [07:41]

Testosterone is also extremely important for female health and vitality. [09:46]

The digital stimulation that happens at night, such as watching TV or working on the computer, are things that spike cortisol and make it more difficult for transition into restful sleep. [14:25]

There are many other lifestyle things beside poor sleep that can harm your health that you are unaware of.  This includes ingesting plastic, living in pollution. [18:46]

Sauna provides wonderful benefits for many of your ailments. The goal is to sweat profusely. [21:58]

Clean up your home environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products. [24:54]

Look at your evening habits and your overall stress management habits. Where can you improve?  [26:33]

Bad dietary choices can cause flare ups such as sore joints, dry, patchy red skin, mild arthritis, gas, bloating, and other digestive problems. [30:59]

How are you dealing with stress? You need to unwind after workouts. [34:12]

Persistent nasal congestion can be due to food or environmental allergies. [37:58]

Overtraining is stressful on the body and you may not realize it. Check on the diet in relation to your training.  [40:28]




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