Host Brad Kearns welcomes health coach and supplement expert Sara Banta to discuss some really far out healing protocols involving vibrational energy. 

Sara is a busy, high energy mother of teenagers, as well as a lifelong athlete, but her health went into decline after having children. When her young son developed some serious health problems, she felt compelled to depart from a promising career in finance and explore the outer limits of holistic, functional healing. 

In this episode, Sara describes the importance of “increasing your frequency” and boosting your immune function through a ketogenic eating pattern and targeted supplementation. This information will help address one of the major concerns for the aging population, which is hormone dysregulation caused by toxic environmental influences (EMF, air pollution, etc.) as well as insulin resistance caused by poor food choices. We also touch on topics such as toxic metals (how they get into our systems and the most effective way of detoxing from them), how environmental pollutants are taking a serious toll on male and female fertility, how to identify and treat the source of the problem (and not just the symptoms), and finally, why not all “healthy” food is actually healthy for you.

Sara has had experience and success using alternative therapies to address everything from acne to insomnia to liver issues, heavy metal toxicity, mood disorders, thyroid issues, to so much more, so be sure to check out her website, AcceleratedHealthProducts.com.


Sara’s turn from studying business and psychology took an about face when her health changed during her pregnancy. [01:22]

When son became ill, he, too, had his blood put under a microscope. He was put on Accelerated Silver. [05:14]

After having a concussion and feeling overwhelmed, Sara was introduced to keto. [08:38]

What are frequency-based enhancements? [11:39]

Some of this sounds pretty goofy. How do you get people to consider this information as valid? [17:28]

People are looking for a more natural solution to their health problems. [20:21]

Toxic metal substances in the body… how does that happen? How do you detox from heavy metals and radiation?  [23:38]

Airplanes flying overhead are polluting the environment. [28:51]

All the pollutants in the environment are causing fertility problems. Men’s sperm count is about 50 % lower than a generation ago. Women’s hormones are not functioning well. [29:40]

Not all “healthy” food is healthy for you. [34:04]

Animal products have most of the nutrients that we are trying to get from vegetables. [45:17]

Accelerated keto in the morning kicks her into ketosis. Her daily food intake and exercise create high energy and brain energy. [52:44]



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B.Rad Podcast

Brad (1m 23s): Sara Banta. Oh my gosh. How fun to get to switch places with you. I was an honored guest on your super awesome Accelerated Health radio. And now we get to put you in the hot seat and I can’t wait to get into some of these really interesting areas of your expertise. And I know listeners can learn more with all the great shows that you have on Accelerated Health radio. So hopefully they’ll, they’ll, they’ll push over there, but right now welcome. Sara (1m 51s): Thanks, Brad. I always love talking to you. You’re so much fun, so easy conversations, always going in directions. We don’t know, but it’s always a good time Brad (2m 1s): Rock and roll. We don’t we? And I think a good place to start is just introducing yourself to the listeners, but also the, the story. And I know everyone’s a lot of health experts have a story, and I think it’s really important to, to start there and connect with that and, and understand like the passion and the life experience that you bring to the table here. So take it away. Sara (2m 24s): Alrighty. Well like everybody in this industry, my path took a different turn. I was, you know, went to Stanford, studied economics and psychology. I thought I was going to go into stocks and bonds and then into real estate and little did I know that my health was going to take me into a whole different direction. Got married, started having kids. And with every pregnancy, my health got a little worse because every mom out there knows that that baby is going to strip everything from you. If you’re not healthy. And I had gut issues, I was loaded with heavy metals. Sara (3m 7s): PCOS I actually had a hard time getting pregnant, all three of my pregnancies, which God willing, they all happened and just had zero energy. My stomach was bloated, constipated, diarrhea, you name it. I had it. And so went to the GI doctor and they literally said, oh, you’ve got IBS and that’s it. And here’s your prescription or go take them, you know, go cut out the sugar sweeteners out of your diet. And that’s about it. I’m like, oh my gosh, well, there’s more to this story. And when I went to my practitioner, he scanned me with what’s called a scalar machine. Sara (3m 52s): And this is a frequency based machine based on Nikola Teslas scalar waves technology. And it scans your body for over 10,000 items. And what I found out was like I mentioned loaded in heavy metals, aluminum, mercury, and lead. And then I had PCOS. My testosterone was high. My blood sugar was high. Now, Brad, I grew up in a household that ate a ton of sugar, but I knew that carbs and gluten didn’t really feel good in my stomach. Didn’t know why didn’t know anything about it, but I was very picky with my eating. Sara (4m 33s): But fat was bad. So I loaded up on the fat-free sugar loaded foods. And my insulin was, I started becoming insulin resistant. So I didn’t know that had any relation to PCOS. And we’ll talk about that a little later, but then started peeling the onion with my own health within one month. My, my periods, my menstrual cycle got regular, which they had never been. I was an athlete all through high school. Rowed at the national level. I played volleyball. Our team was second in the nation. I played with Misty May for those who are volleyball lovers. Sara (5m 15s): And that was really fun. So I always have been an athlete, always loved the, the, that, that part of my life still do a lot of athletics just for fun. And I have three, three very athletic kids that keep me going. But what happened was, as we were peeling the onion essentially of my health, my nine year old son at the time was not feeling well. He looked yellow. He wasn’t doing well. And I thought, this is not my kid. This good student and little athlete didn’t want to go to his 20 minute swim lesson. Sara (5m 55s): He was not finishing his homework. So I had him scanned by the machine that we are talking about and what he, we were seeing were, were patterns of leukemia. So I got him taken to a blood, a live blood cell test where they put the blood underneath the microscope. So we can really see what’s going on. There were cancer cells everywhere, Brad. It was awful. I was in tears and I had my nine-year-old son look at me and he goes, Mom, why are you crying? You’re going to fix me. And I said that it’s at that moment, I knew I had a bigger calling than mom and my life. Sara (6m 35s): I had to help him. And there were so many other kids out there that I was seeing suffering or being taken to the doctor for a little sniffle and getting put on an antibiotic. And we put him on what’s what’s now my flagship supplement called Accelerated Silver. And this is not just a colloidal silver. It takes colloidal silver to the nth degree, but we put them on that, cleaned up his diet a little bit. I didn’t know about diet like I do now. So we did the best we could took that took out most processed foods and sugars. If we could. And just within a year, his energy started improving. Sara (7m 18s): His schooling was better. He, his teacher even said to me, Sara, I don’t know what you’ve done, but Jackson’s back. He’s back. He’s he’s himself again. And so a year later we got his blood redone and I was now crying with tears of joy because not only were there no cancer cells, but the blood was alkaline. The cells were nice and plump and dark. And, and before they were really clumpy and acidic and very nutritionally deficient. And he looked at me again and he goes, Mom, I don’t know why you’re so happy. I knew you were going to fix me. Sara (7m 58s): And so then I looked at him at this little prodigy. He was going to be my little a tool for the next nine years. He didn’t know it. Now he’s 18. He, two years ago, he broke a national record in rowing and he has not been sick one day in the last nine years. He’s played water polo, rowing and around all of his friends who literally had the cold and flu all day long, his two sisters, maybe a little sniffle here and there. Not one of them has missed a day of school in the last nine years, let alone go to the doctor for a sick checkup. Sara (8m 38s): And it’s been amazing. And because of that, that’s what I knew that my bigger calling was to help other people and other parents know that there’s another option. There’s another way out. It’s not just Western medicine and there’s a place for Western medicine, Brad, because you know, to fast forward 2015, I’m doing pretty well. Think I’m pretty healthy. And my daughter and I get rear rear-ended at 50 miles an hour in a car accident. And at that moment, I had a scar on my eye up here, or a cut, I should say, say down to the bone, I had four layers of stitches put in and the doctor gave me an antibiotic. Sara (9m 24s): I threw it in the trash. I put the silver on my scar topically. I took it orally. I also put my collagen on it, topically and orally. And with four, within four days, I hardly could see the scar. And I went back to the doctor and he said, wow, I can’t believe how fast it’s healing. So that was one thing. But what I didn’t know with that accident was that it was going to really hit my mental state. And I was a straight A student at Stanford. And I, now all of a sudden was a mom that could not write a market list without getting overwhelmed. Sara (10m 5s): I couldn’t remember to wash the shampoo out of my hair. I would find myself on the floor in tears, just overwhelmed with life and just with the daily activities because of the concussion I had and the inflammation in my brain. And that didn’t really set in right away. It was more of two to three weeks out. And it was no coincidence that that is when I was introduced to the ketogenic diets and a ketogenic supplement that literally reduce the inflammation in my brain and got me out of that fog and I had started hearing, of course,keto was marketed for those who wanted to lose weight. Sara (10m 51s): I didn’t need to lose weight, but for the brain power, I just was, I was just blown away. So I knew this was something I wanted to get into. I really started playing around with it, telling people about it, diving into the research over it, and fast forward. I now have my own supplement, Accelerated Keto that takes it to another level. So my, my business is surrounded by supplements that takes something this good. And we make it better with frequency based enhancements, or just tweaking it with aremetic or Chinese medicine ingredients to make things work, make them all work better. Brad (11m 39s): So what is this frequency based enhancements? Can you describe that? And also talk about that machine that was also frequency based just for the listener that wants to get acquainted with this kind of, I guess you’d call it a, You know, a functional health or alternative health concept. Sara (11m 58s): Yeah. And it, you know, it kind of sounds voodoo to some people, but what I have to liken it too, is music. When you’re in a room and you’re hearing some music that you want to dance to, it, it feels very healing or some meditation music. It puts you into a zone or maybe something really like heavy metal that just doesn’t vibe with your body. That is frequency. So, or when you go and you get an ultrasound that is frequency. What I’m talking about is scalar waves by Nicola Tesla. He assured that a new era of this science decades ago. Sara (12m 39s): And it’s a type of type of, of scalar wave or a wave that tells that the cells communicate with each other using these types of waves, bio informational signals between them. So what we’ve done and, and the scan machine that I mentioned earlier is based on this technology. Now, the scalar machine is a $30,000 machine. It takes a lot of education to you to use it. And I’ve been seeing a practitioner for the last 15 years using it. So I think I’m very educated with it, but what’s so great. Now, Brad, is that there are actually devices that you can put on your phone. Sara (13m 22s): I actually have one on my wrist right now and it’s hooked to my phone and it’s a miniature scalar machine that is less than a thousand dollars. And it’s called the Genius Insight app. But what it does is scan my body through my voice. I just talk into it. And it’s, it tells me where my hormones are, my organs, my, my energy levels, where my aura is my meridians and what, what emotional traumas I’m dealing with. It’s amazing. And then what it does is that we’ll play tones back to heal you and put you back into homeostasis. Sara (14m 2s): So that scalar machine was just the big, the big machine that really dove deep into my health and my family’s health and telling me what was going on in tweaking things. And with that, it was a great validator for, as I changed my diet or started different supplements, how that was affecting my body on a weekly basis. So it was great biofeedback say, instead of guessing and saying, well, this supplements working for me or this supplements not working for me. Cause you know, those people out there that are very sensitive to certain things they do. And then there’s people who say, well, I don’t know what’s going on. Sara (14m 44s): I don’t know what anything’s doing. So, you know, there’s so much to say here. What we’ve learned too is now you can take supplements like the, so for him, this is the gold. I have accelerated gold and silver. Gold has been known for thousands of years to heal any anxiety, help with sleep, calm your brain down, improve IQ, and actually connect yourself to your higher self. Well, what we’ve done is we’ve taken the silver and the gold and we’ve put it in. It’s not colloidal or there’s very little colloidal silver, it’s more nano particles. Sara (15m 28s): So the particle size is much smaller and it’s much more easily absorbed. We put it through a water implosion technology that strips it of any rogue frequencies. So any frequencies we don’t want in here because you know, water holds information, the water you drink from the faucet or the water, you take a shower with, they all hold frequency. So we take it out all the bad frequencies. But then we add in with a Scio type machine or scalar wave machine frequencies for lowering the anxiety even more or in, in closing an improvement in your connection with your higher self or Christ consciousness. Sara (16m 15s): So that would be an example for the gold. For this silver, we boost the immune system. It helps with devitalizing foreign packagings, like viruses and bacteria and that sort of thing. So that would be an example. And then, you know, there’s, the whole line of supplements are all frequency enhanced. And with the, you know, there’s other ways to deal with the frequency, energy and medicine, there’s a, you know, bigger P E M F machines that and their post electric magnetic field machines that pretty much puts your body back into homeostasis. Sara (17m 2s): And then there’s also frequency patches. And all of this can be found at Accelerated Health products. I, I dive into the science behind it and explaining how it all works, but the patches can help your body do something just by through photo therapy and they turn on your stem cells. So that’s another example. Brad (17m 29s): Yeah. I realize there’s probably a lot of disbelievers and naysayers out there because this is definitely off the beaten track. And that’s why I like some of these amazing examples. I don’t know who sent me the experiment with the guy who had the three different glasses of rice, right. With the water. And one of the glasses he yelled at for weeks, the other ones he didn’t pay attention to. And the third one, he said, nice things to it. And you can see like the one, the one glasses full of black moldy rice and the other one’s thriving and the other one’s got like in between. It’s, it’s pretty amazing to open your eyes to it. Brad (18m 8s): I guess a health crisis would be a really big reason for you to, to plunge deeply into this stuff and try it out. And then when it works, oh my gosh, you become an evangelist. But you know, how do you get people kind of over that hump where I’m sure you interact with people in your daily life who think you’re up to, you know, goofy stuff. And you’re the, the witch’s brew lady down the street, but is there kind of a strategy that you have, or do you just wait for people who are interested to, to come forth? Or how does that work when you get challenged? Sara (18m 43s): It’s really interesting because you know, my, my referral base is huge because anyone who tries some of my supplements, they always come back and they come back with at least four friends. But what I started doing this last year, Brad, is actually group coaching and the group coaching is free. And why am I doing that? Because when someone’s educated and they understand the way things work and they would understand the way their body works, they’re in and they want to feel better. And I was laughing because last Monday, a good friend of mine, and you know how it’s always hard to work with your friends, but this couple started to do my ascent diet cleanse, which takes you through, you know, gets you, switches you into ketosis, puts you on a cleanse, does a full liver flush where you’re seeing the liver stones and the gallstones in the toilet all within 30 days. Sara (19m 41s): But you’re not starving. You’re eating real food, animal protein, everything that you know, you’re not on a juice cleanse. Anyways, the man, the husband was extremely skeptical and he said, well, Sara, am I not allowed to eat my oatmeal? What, how am I supposed to not eat six meals a day? And I said, just trust me with my supplements and the way you’re doing this and what you’re going to learn. You’re not going to be hungry. And you’re going to feel great. Day one. So three weeks in, he hasn’t really said much over the last three weeks. And last Monday I go, how are you doing? I was a little nervous to even ask. He goes, are you kidding me? I’ve lost 19 pounds in three weeks. Sara (20m 22s): And my energy is through the roof. I’ve never felt better. So it’s the education. And then it’s the referral. And people now more than ever are actually wanting natural solutions. And you know, people have heard of colloidal silver. They’ve heard of colloidal gold or ketone supplement or detox. And, and most people don’t to do the juice cleanses. Cause they, you get hangry and they don’t work. Right? So when I’m offering something that is, you know, you’re not hungry, you feel good, your energy’s good. Sara (21m 2s): It’s boosting your immune system. It’s helping with anxiety, brain fog and reducing any risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. And all of these things are put together. They get it, all the pieces kind of come together. And I always tell my clients, it’s not just one magic bullet. You’ve got to do everything. And I know you talk about the importance of sleep, which I talk about. The importance of just meditation or some balance with that part of your life. Exercise, but not too much, listen to your body. And you being a man versus me being a woman in perimenopause. Sara (21m 42s): You know, I have a lot of women over 40 that, that they need to realize that their hormones are different. How do we, how do we fix our hormones? Well, the most amazing thing is, is through supplementation or the right kind of exercises, not chronic cardio, like you’ve talked about and incorporating carbs in the right time of the month. All of these tools are tools to get people over that hump and the troubleshooting. So the coaching really is helpful for a lot of people. That’s what I found and the supplements, get them over that hump where they’re like, God, I’m feeling good. Sara (22m 23s): Now I can do this right. Instead of Monday morning saying, oh God, I was so bad this weekend, I’m going to go on a diet. And then by three in the afternoon, they’re hangry. They’ve got a headache. They want to hit their husband when they go home and they give up and they’re into the wine and the chocolate cake, right? So, you know, that’s not what this is. And people are feeling great. Constant energy that’s even, they’re feeling like their relationships are getting better. I have people all the time saying this is really strange. I just got rid of a really toxic relationship in my life, right? Sara (23m 5s): So you’re, you’re cleaning out your body. You’re cleaning out your friends or you’re cleaning out and you’re starting to extract through frequency of the right people in your life and what you’re meant to do in life. It’s all this then. Oh my gosh, I’ve got all this energy now to do, to find my higher purpose in life. And that’s really what I’m here to do because I want to reach as many people as I can and help as many people to do what their purpose on earth is. Brad (23m 37s): Very nice. I want to talk more about hormones, cause I know you have a lot of expertise in that area, but first your, your initial foray, it told you that you were full of toxic heavy metals. And I’m wondering how you think that happened to you. Was it your environment, your upbringing, you know, breathing the smog. I remember getting a blood test from Nourish Balance Thrive and I had petroleum byproducts and plastic byproducts running around in my bloodstream, Mr. Clean, healthy guy who, you know, eats pretty well and, and tries to take care of himself. And there was some speculation that the petroleum was like leftover from me growing up in the San Fernando Valley and breathing smog every day, horrible smog back in the eighties. Brad (24m 19s): And then the plastic was possibly from consuming a lot of those disposable plastic water bottles, especially if they’d been heated up in my car. And then maybe the next day, it’s still there in the morning and I drink it. And boy, that was a real eye-opener to think that, you know, these poisons are circulating around. When you think you’re you think you’re healthy and you’ve done, you’re done. You’re good cleaning. Sara (24m 44s): Well, Brad, I never thought anything about cleaning supplies, detergents, what I was washing my dishes with, what I was drinking out of, but on top of all of that ever since I was born. So, and even to this day, 45 years, I lived near an airport that is in the airplanes are flying overhead. And my husband has to wash off our patio on a weekly basis. And the black soot that we are seeing is just awful. So that, and then I had some dental fillings, of course, for the mercury. When I say my levels were off the charts, they were off the charts. Sara (25m 24s): And for anyone who goes through a detox of heavy metals, your levels are going to get worse before they get better. Because as your key lading and pulling them out, they’re coming out of your tissues and into your bloodstream to get out of the body. So one thing that I’ve really dove into is how do you detox from heavy metals and radiation? And because as we’re going to talk about hormones, what are the two things that are causing infertility? Blood sugar or insulin resistance and toxicity. Those two things. And those two things pretty much account for most chronic diseases. Sara (26m 4s): So as we are detoxing, it is really important to get the stuff out, but soak it up and not overburden your kidneys and your liver cause our livers and kidneys, we’re not meant to detox with they’re detoxing today. So what I’ve done is I’ve come up with some supplements, scalar enhanced. Of course I had iodine is super important for detoxing, the thyroid, detoxing every spell in the body, but also feeding the body. The amount of iodine that we’re meant to have. Most iodine is actually toxic. And that’s why people are very careful about taking iodine, but they accelerate dine that I have is mano atomic, meaning it’s one single atom of iodine. Sara (26m 51s): It’s a hundred percent bioavailable. And then it’s scalar charged to detox the cells from heavy metals and radiation. So you start slow because you’re going to be kicking out those heavy metals and radiation in addition to feeding the thyroid and the other cells with that needed iodine. Our diet does not have the iodine we need. And then there’s a supplement called Nuke No More that goes in and zeroes out all non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. And when we talk about what we’re dealing with today, I mean, here we are on zoom on, on, in front of computers. I’ve got my cell phone to my left, right? Sara (27m 31s): We’ve got all of this radiation, whether we’re flying or not, and it’s scrambling our DNA with frequencies. And that’s another example of frequencies in 5G is here. So what is that doing to our brain, our fertility, our cancer risks, all of that? So between the accelerated silver, the accelerate iodine, the Nuke No More. And then the detox powder, you are detoxing your body of the heavy metals and the radiation, but the detox powder at the end soaks everything up and passes it through your system gently. So your liver and your kidneys are not working so hard and it really helps keep us going in such a horrific environment, unless you are living out in the, in the mountains of Montana and hiking every day, which someday I’m hoping to do, but we’re all bombarded. Sara (28m 29s): I’ve got the planes overhead. I’ve got my three kids last year. We’re all on zoom. And we’re all just being bombarded by the frequencies in the house, the wifi that we’re all being exposed to. And that’s really a tough thing. So it’s not even just the heavy metals, but now it’s the radiation that we’re all being bombarded with. Brad (28m 51s): So the airplanes flying overhead are actually polluting the environment and in a big scale, all surrounding? Sara (28m 59s): Yeah. Oh yeah. It’s really, it’s really unfortunate. And ever since I was born, the house I was born in was in the jet path and the house I moved to as an adult and a mom is in that same path and it’s, it’s awful. And it’s something that we go back and forth with all the time. And obviously it’s not healthy, but that would be one thing. But like you, as drinking out of plastic bottles, I was eating non-organic food. GMOs, Roundup was all on our food. And that’s something that I talk about on my blog and just all of it. It’s really difficult. Sara (29m 40s): It’s kind of like swimming upstream with all of the factors that we’re all exposed to nowadays. And those things are disrupting the fertility and the hormones. I know now I’m 45, but in my early thirties, late twenties, when most of my friends were trying to get pregnant, I’d warn friends needing fertility help than could actually get pregnant on their own. Brad (30m 7s): So at the, at the, at the baby shower, half of them are on the phone with the fertility doctor and the other half are with their boyfriend texting back and forth. Oh my goodness, that’s a horrible stat. I know some other stats reference from the MOFO mission. One of them is the, the sperm count is about 50% of just what it was a generation ago, the average per day camp, that was a study from Israel. And then we have a lot of research from around the world that the average male testosterone level is declining at a rate of around 1% a year. The average, not, not one person declining as they get older, but the average 26 year old, the average 36 year old, the average 56 year old from a generation or two generations ago, the research goes back to the eighties. Brad (30m 52s): We’re talking about being 40% lower in testosterone at the same age that your grandpa was back then. And that one’s, if, if you, if you’re going to be skeptical of some of these advanced strategies, like you promote with your supplements and on your show, I can understand a lot of people are steeped in the Western medicine protocol and all that, but we can’t ignore the stats. And so if we can’t ignore the stats, then we want to step up and say, well, what can I do about it? And then where then we’re opening up to two great shows like you. And I know the hormones are a big victim of this stuff. And what about the age groups? Brad (31m 34s): You’re, you’re referencing certain, certain things happening at certain ages. And that’s what we want to watch out for? Sara (31m 41s): Well, I’m seeing, like you’re saying my younger friends who are in their twenties definitely are having fertility issues, more women than not are having irregular cycles. But what I experienced with PCOS and when I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with PCOS, and this was when I didn’t know much of anything, they said, oh, we have no idea why you have it. There was no dietary information, nothing, all they wanted to do was give me Clomid to get pregnant. That was their solution. And, and see you later. So what I now know, as soon as I cut the sugar and the carbs out of my diet and lowered my insulin, resistance, spam my, my periods, regular, my cycles, regular, I feel great in, and now as I’m 45 and entering perimenopause, it’s a huge jump in that. Sara (32m 40s): It’s not as bad as before. The cycles are great. And what I’m experiencing and hearing from my clients as well, is through my cleanse and through, you know, just adopting a more ketogenic diet in general, they are actually reversing aging and menopause. Women are actually seeing their cycles come back. Not that they necessarily want it, but it’s definitely showing that the body is recovering. It actually reverse aging. I really am. Now that I’m quote unquote healed of a lot of my issues, Brad, I’m no different than most women my age, where I want to anti age and live to 150. Sara (33m 23s): So I’m really into anti-aging and reversing the clock. And as some of the things that I’m doing, like the frequency patches that I mentioned earlier and using some of the frequency technology and also just the ketogenic diet and pills and lifestyle, I have actually seen my chronological age and keep going up obviously, but my biological age go backwards. So I am younger than I was a year ago, essentially. And I always laugh because I have two gray hairs. I’ve got family members, two sisters and a brother. Sara (34m 5s): They’re they’re, one’s younger ones, and two are older, and they all are dying their hair a lot more than I am. So I’m holding onto what I can for right now. And it’s, it’s, it’s definitely working and this stuff works. But Brad I’m like, I’m no different than I’m sure you who have tried so many things, right? We’ve tried every diet. We’ve tried the vegan diet, the vegetarian diet, the paleo diet, and I’ve even tried carnivore. And I now have to find my balance and something that I also am trying to teach my clients is that not every health food is healthy for you. Sara (34m 51s): And some foods that are healthy for me are, are poison to you. And we’ve, we’ve talked about that as well. Like when you talk about the plant and that’s something that I think people really need educated on, because they’ll think, okay, I’m going to do it this time. I’m going to get off the standard American diet and I’m going to go vegan, or I’m going to do celery juicing every morning. Well, that’s not the answer, right? Brad (35m 17s): That’s a tough one. And it is, I think we’re seeing more and more personalization necessary because these compelling stories are being presented. You mentioned the carnivore movement, and it turns out that there’s quite a few people that have extreme sensitivity to these natural plant toxins that are contained and otherwise universally, widely regarded super duper healthy foods like your kale salad and your green smoothies and things like that, that anyone would be giving a thumbs up to until looking a little bit more closely. But in your case, as you mentioned, all those things that you’ve tried, maybe you can provide some details about what kind of rhythm works for you, whether it’s the, the fasting, are you really tightly regulating that carb intake under 50 grams as a, as a hard and fast rule that’s going to work for you longterm or where’s your where’s your rhythm these days? Sara (36m 16s): So it’s no, it’s no question that I’m a type A personality. And it’s no question that it’s, if something’s good, then a lot better. And that’s something that I have to fight. And after I’ve learned my lesson, because when I first started doing keto and fasting, I thought, well, I’m going to go all day long every single day and just do one meal a day. I love going one meal a day. I am so productive. I can get so much during the day. And I eat a great big meal and feel great. Well, what I found and I was, and I was sticking to very low carb under 20 grams. And that’s great. I think it’s great for people in the first 30 to 60 days, depending on how insulin resistant they are. Sara (37m 4s): But what I found was I actually started feeling better when I incorporated the healthy carbs at night and my workouts were better. The next morning I had more energy. I felt like it helped my hormones as well. And what we did as a family a year ago is that we got our DNA tested because my kids were eating very low carb, high fat, and they weren’t thriving. Not all of them were thriving. I had two of them that were thriving pretty well, but they had certain issues, but one that wasn’t at all. And what we’ve found, Brad, is out of all, five of us, all five of us had a different profile of foods that we should eat. Sara (37m 48s): And my one daughter, she could not do a ketogenic diet. Now all of us are eating whole foods, you know, staying off the process foods. There were certain vegetables that each one of us couldn’t eat. The oxalates for insulin, for instance. You know, you’ve got your spinach and your almonds, your beans, your nuts. Oh my gosh. Do you know how many almonds that we would use to go through? I’ve got a, I’ve got an 18 year old boy that needs to pack on the calories. And nuts are a great thing for, for someone like that. And when he was told he can’t have any almonds because of the oxalates, it was like, okay, now what? Sara (38m 29s): So, and then I’ve got me and my, my other daughter who had an issue with that absorption. So here I am doing a ketogenic diet, but I have a hard time digesting fat. What am I to do? I stick to a high protein diet. I do my accelerated keto pills to help me with energy and fasting. And I’ll either go one meal a day, or I’ll do the two meals a day. I go back and forth. I, I really listen to my body, whereas before I would just do it the way I was supposed to do it. But now I’m really listening to my body. I eat a high protein animal protein diet based on wild meat, like bison, lamb, elk, deer, wild fish. Sara (39m 16s): I stay away from chicken because chicken has amyloid proteins, which don’t break down in the body. And then they get deposited in the brain. And that’s what the amyloid plaques you hear about with Alzheimers and dementia. So we stick away and we stay away from chicken. We stay away from conventional beef if we can, but we really focus on the wild animal proteins. And that’s where I feel best. I can eat a ton of animal protein and feel great. Do I add a lot of extra fat to my food? No. I stick to certain vegetables. The oxalates, I stay away from. The sulfur vegetables. Sara (39m 57s): I used to eat them every day. And those are the cabbage, the broccoli, the bok choy, the cauliflower, very ketogenic, low carb vegetables, right? They were horrible for me. It made me super bloated. They backed up my sulfur pathways. I don’t have a sulfur detoxification pathway. And so people say, well, how are you getting your nutrients? Well, I’m sure not getting any nutrients. If my stomach’s bloated and I have leaky gut, right? So I needed to heal my gut, get those things out of my body. Now I can have them intermittently because I’m healed, but I can’t tip that scale. Sara (40m 39s): Once you hit that tipping point, you might have an issue. And then you’ve got the lectins. Well, what’s interesting is I was staying away from lectins for so many years. Cause I knew they were bad. But my body’s actually okay with them. So I eat them on a, on a, you know, on a moderate basis and the night Brad (40m 58s): Talking about in the lectins family that you stayed away from, but you’re actually okay. Sara (41m 4s): Cucumbers. zucchini, the squashes, all of those. I love eggplant. And I took that out of my diet. And now I was able to introduce it back in. I don’t need a lot of it, but just having it is definitely a treat. And then the night shades, just like with most night shades do have lectins as well, but I was staying away from those. And I’m actually okay. Eating those once in a while, but it’s really interesting. My one daughter was okay, eating nightshades and potatoes, and then she was eating them every single day. And now all of a sudden she’s not okay, but what’s great. Sara (41m 44s): Is that what it’s taught even my kids. Is that they’re learning to listen to their bodies. When my, when my daughter was having to lay on the couch after dinner to settle her stomach, I said, that’s not a good sign. She said, no, you’re right. I’m probably eating something that’s not meant for my body. So we always go back to the animal protein, the wild fish, and then play around with the vegetables on the side. Because as you know, I don’t need to tell you this, that animal protein has most of the nutrients that we’re trying to get from the vegetables in the first place. Brad (42m 24s): Yeah. That’s an interesting little biology lesson and kind of stuff that, you know, never really lodged in my brain for very long, over my entire lifetime, until you really drill down on that statement. And maybe you could elaborate a little bit from that, what you just said. Cause it’s, it’s pretty mind blowing when you think about it. Sara (42m 45s): Well, you, you talk about vitamin A.vitamin A you get from beef liver, right? The, and the muscle fibers in the collagen that’s in the animal protein. Everyone wants to stay young and get rid of their wrinkles. Collagen is found in your eye tissue. Your eye and your bones and your skin and your hair. I oh, Brad. Oh my goodness. I spent thousands of dollars on supplements to grow my hair. Thousands. Now with my supplements, with my carnivorish diets, with the stem cell patches, reversing aging, I’m not taking any of those hair supplements anymore. Sara (43m 30s): Now would I like three times more hair than I, then I have. Sure. But am I getting more results from what I’m doing now than the thousands of dollars of the hair supplements I was taking before? Yes, absolutely. So the animal proteins, you compare it to kale and blueberries. It blows those things out of the water. And like, I have to go back to the fact that if you’re bloated from, from your food, your body is not absorbing anything and go back to the blood underneath the microscope for my nine-year-old son, when we first saw those cancer cells, the cells that were not cancerous were completely nutritionally deficient. Sara (44m 14s): And at the time I was giving him his juice plus vitamins and having him take his vitamin well, those cells were all acidic and clumped together and completely nutritionally deficient because his cells weren’t open. One thing that we’re measuring black and white with my, my group cleanse the scent diet cleanse is something called phase angle. That is the permeability of the cells. That’s the ability of the cells to allow the toxins out and the nutrients in. And what we’re finding is there’s so much healing that’s going on just within that 30 days. Sara (44m 55s): That that’s that number for the cells’ pure permeability is increasing so quickly. We’ve never seen that with other technologies, machines, other ways to, to try to improve that number. It is going so well that now people can actually take in and absorb the nutrients that they’re taking in their body. Brad (45m 17s): Whew. I think you’re going back to that quote. You said that the, the, the high protein animal foods have the nutrients that we’re trying to get when we eat plant foods. And I’ve heard Paul Saladino described this really nicely, that, you know, we’ve always been told that carrots are high in beta carotene, which is great for your vitamin A levels. And beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A which our body then proceeds to do a complex chain of chemical reactions, six to 21 times more sophisticated and involved than for example, consuming the fully formed source of vitamin A called retinol. That’s contained in very, very high levels in beef liver and in moderate levels in other animal products. Brad (46m 3s): And so you’re, you’re making this, this story here where if you eat enough carrots, you will hopefully prompt these complex chemical reactions that will give you the vitamin A that you need to thrive. Or you can, you know, just trump that with responsible consumption of the truly nutrient dense foods of the planet. So whoever you are and whatever your favorite dietary strategy is, if we just went into the laboratory and did a micro nutrient analysis of the retinol level in liver and the colon in the egg yolk versus whatever we’re trying to navigate through the plant kingdom. And I think of the, the grass fed cow out there, chowing down on, on grass all day, and then having that body and that biology work hard to give the cow the nice muscle that it needs, that we’re going to go eat for a steak that night. Brad (46m 53s): We’re kind of short circuiting, the complex chain of plant molecule reactions in the body and Denise Minger, who does great work with her website, Raw Food SOS and her book, Death by Food Pyramid. She talks about how there’s a good percentage of people that genetically don’t have the, the, the, the foundation to do a good job with these chemical reactions. And that’s a little disturbing because that means that no matter how many carrots you eat, you’re going to have a tough time converting that optimally. Sara (47m 26s): Yes, absolutely. And the other thing that no one’s realizing is a lot of the minerals that we’re after and the nutrients we’re after is found in a good quality salt. Well, what goes better with a carnivore diet than a salt and or good minerals. And I really dove into the fact that we come from seawater, right? The sea water has all of the minerals, and it’s exactly the same composition as our blood plasma. And what you do is by taking a supplement called ketone, and you can find this on Accelerated Health Products as well. Sara (48m 6s): It’s the exact composition of all the minerals. So you’re getting all of that in the way your body’s needing it. And the accelerated ancient salt that I have as well has all of those minerals as well. And it’s not like iodized salt, that where sodium is, it’s only sodium and full of microplastics, and all of the nutrients are stripped out of that table salt. So that’s another way people can naturally get their mineral and electrolyte balance that we’re searching for through our juicing and our vegan diets that are not doing much. Sara (48m 46s): I don’t know about you, Brad, but every vegan I know they think to themselves, well, it’s gotta be good for me. That’s what they tell me. It’s all vegetables, but they’re all tired. They actually all are insulin resistant. They’re the ones having hormonal issues, whether it’s extreme menopause symptoms or fertility issues. And they don’t know why. I just have a friend that is partially vegan and she did this soup cleanse, and she goes there. I’ve never felt worse. And I started laughing and going, well, that’s not what it’s meant to be about, right? Brad (49m 26s): Oh, mercy. I mean, whoever you are, and however, strong your fixed and rigid beliefs are, and your convictions, if you are suffering in any way or feel less than optimal, you owe it to yourself to maintain an open mind and think critically and be open to new information. And I put myself up as my favorite example, because, you know, I’ve been talking about ancestral health for a long time. I’m really deep into it. I’m pretty good spokesperson for the primal paleo way of life, where we’re eating these wonderful, colorful plates where most of it is vegetables and produce and all the foods of the earth. And then of course, we’re going to have the, the well sourced and sustainably sourced animal products too, but I was sort of blindsided by the emergence of the carnivore movement, where there’s this possibility that these wonderful, colorful, bulky products that make the, the, the, the bulk of our diet, you know, th the, the volume of our diet might not be necessary. Brad (50m 23s): And not only that, they might be unhealthy to certain people. And boy, I I’m really pleased that I was able to integrate this new information and sit down and breathe for a moment and listen, rather than just forge ahead and turn up the volume on my microphone to, you know, counter anything that wasn’t along the pre-existing party line. And if, you know, if anyone out there is dealing with nagging autoimmune or inflammatory conditions, or opening up their medicine cabinet, and you see a bunch of prescription drugs in there, my main man, Dr. Phil, Maffetone one of the great coaches in the endurance scene for decades. He contends that any prescription, he doesn’t even care what it is, what it, what is the name of it? Brad (51m 4s): It doesn’t matter if it’s in one of those, you know, pink bottles, it is affecting your ability to perform aerobically, and you should lower your heart rate accordingly if you’re under any medication. And we kind of negate the, the massive side effects that these things have same with the constant access to electromagnetic exposure with wifi and all the other things, and just soldier along. I think maybe a lot of us have our fingers crossed, hoping that we’re not going to become, you know, an extreme victim. That’s going to lose our health or have have problems with our, our children. It’s, you know, it’s pretty, pretty difficult story to even listen to you recount again, because you know that that’s a rough time for a mom. Brad (51m 49s): I can’t imagine anything worse, but boy did to open our eyes. And I think you did a good job today, like coming in and bring in bringing an alternative perspective. Maybe those who are interested and open-minded will check out Accelerated Health Radio, Accelerated Health Products, but it it’s been a blast. And before you go, I wanted to ask you that one little tidbit where you said that you discovered that adding a little more carbs back into the diet in the evening was working for you. If you’re watching on YouTube, you can see that Sara does not need to drop excess body fat. So she’s in that healthy category with the, the veins popping out of her biceps, put in some time in, at the gym there, but what kind of carbs work for you and how has that pattern worked, where you’re, it sounds like you’re timing them particularly to have those days of being fasted or having low carb intake and then kind of replenishing at night, which is something that Ben Greenfield has found to be effective as well. Sara (52m 44s): What I’ve found is the accelerated keto, I take in the morning to kick me into ketosis. And so I’m riding the waves throughout the day in that key to a state of ketosis, getting that amazing brain energy, physical energy. My workouts are in the morning fasted. I hydrate with my ketone and my water and all of that. But then at night I have my, my animal protein, maybe some vegetables, but usually it’s, it’s fruit, it’s berries or grapefruit or apple or mango. I’m not a big potato person. So I it’s not necessarily that I never really liked rice. Sara (53m 25s): So I’m more of a fruit person with carbs. And I like something sweet to tell I, you know, to finish my day off. And that’s kind of a nice balance that I’ve found right now. I don’t do well with gluten. I can’t. So I have to stay away from all of that. So that’s kind of my pattern and, and it feels good. It is my body’s responding sometimes depending on the, the timing of the month, I don’t have it. And sometimes I have more than, you know, normal more, maybe even up to 200 grams a night, depending on what I’m feeling. And it’s, I’m really learning to listen to my body. Sara (54m 6s): And that’s what I’m really trying to teach my clients to, to become their own doctor. And now more than ever bred people are wanting control. Everything’s out of our control in this world at the moment. So just to be able to be in control, especially if your health is something that I’m trying to teach people so that they are now feeling better, the fear’s gone, they can move forward. Brad (54m 33s): Sara Banta killing it. Everybody. As we promised at the start, tell us how to connect with you. Sara (54m 45s): I’m on Instagram and facebook@acceleratedhealthproducts and my website is acceleratedhealthproducts.com. Is the easiest way to find me in all of my blogs and health articles, my newsletters. I really try and give you valuable, valuable information through that. And you can DM me, or you can email me through the website. I’m happy to put together personalized protocol for anybody and let you know how I can help you. Brad (55m 11s): Thank you everybody for listening. Thank you for listening to the show. I love sharing the experience with you and greatly appreciate your support please. Email podcast@bradventures.com with feedback, suggestions, and questions for the Q and A shows, subscribe to our email list of Brad kearns.com for a weekly blast about the published episodes and a wonderful bimonthly newsletter edition with informative articles and practical tips for all aspects of healthy living. You can also download several awesome free eBooks when you subscribe to the email list. And if you could go to the trouble to leave a five or five star review with apple podcasts or wherever else, you listen to the shows that would be super, incredibly awesome. Brad (55m 58s): It helps raise the profile of the be read podcast and attract new listeners. And did you know that you can share a show with a friend or loved one by just hitting a few buttons in your player and firing off a text message? My awesome podcast player called Overcast allows you to actually record a soundbite excerpt from the episode you’re listening to and fire it off with a quick text message. Thank you so much for spreading the word and remember B.Rad.



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