What an incredible honor to welcome the author of perhaps my favorite book of all time,  Way Of The Peaceful Warrior.

This book, originally published in 1988, became an international bestseller in 29 languages, a feature motion picture starring Nic Nolte, and launched a long career for Dan as one of the leading new-age authors of the modern era. The subtitle of the book says, “A book that changes lives,” and this has been true to a phenomenal extent in both my own life and for many friends who have read the book and embraced the Way. 

Dan Millman does a great job blending new age and metaphysical insights into lively storytelling and anecdotes from his own life. Way of the Peaceful Warrior is described as an autobiographical novel, with the setting being Dan’s life as a UC Berkeley college student in the late 1960s an ordinary guy striving to excel in athletics and starting to question the foundation of his beliefs and existence. The book has captivated millions across the globe for the past four decades, as Dan offers his message of how to see the world a different way with cleverness and humor woven in at all times. 

As you will learn from the books and during our conversation, Dan is full of thoughtful quotes and anecdotes that will help you live a life of mindfulness, compassion, kindness, and acceptance. It’s hard to encapsulate what the Way of the Peaceful Warrior is all about in a couple paragraphs, but hopefully our show will draw you in and you will be compelled to read or listen to a book that may just stay with you for the next several decades. As I mentioned to Dan at the outset of the show, it seems like today more than ever we deserve to embrace options different from the often unhealthy forces of hyperconnectivity, social media comparison, FOMO, divisiveness and consumerism. 

Lest you try to pigeonhole Dan as a woo woo new age guy promoting all day meditation in the forest, reflect on some of his favorite, real-world applicable quotes: “Don’t get too caught up in thoughts and being mindful. Remember that actions define our lives — just do it!” As Dan explains in the show, it’s impossible to control our thoughts or force non-stop happiness. If you can instead take action with behaviors that make you happy (even if you have to “fake it till you make it” at times) this is the real key to happiness. Alas, we have to release our attachment to the outcome and focus on the appreciation of the journey. “Trust the process of life unfolding. Don’t second guess anything, even misfortune. And finally, just when you think you might be turning into a bonafide spiritual guru, remember to, ‘Take yourself lightly, with a dash of humor and another of compassion.’”

A former elite collegiate gymnast at UC Berkeley and world champion in trampoline, Dan was a martial arts teacher and college professor for many years. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife Joy, Dan has also written 16 other books inspired by his first, enjoyed by millions of people in 29 languages. He teaches worldwide and has influenced people from all walks of life, and his most recent work includes The Hidden School, completing the ‘peaceful warrior saga,’ as well as an audio program, “The Complete Peaceful Warrior’s Way,” available through Audible.com.


Taking action is the path to happiness. (Introducing Dan Millman) [01:50]

Three helpful things are to accept our feelings and thoughts, focus on purpose, and then do what needs to be done. [06:04]

Can physical talent be developed? [06:57]

We are all peaceful warriors because we are all striving to live with a peaceful heart. [10:51]

We are all on a journey. We are just at different places on the path. [15:58]

What is happiness? [19:22]

Strive for excellence rather than success. We can’t control the outcome, but we can control the effort. [21:06]

Everything is difficult or even impossible until it becomes easy. [23:41]

Anything we practice over time we are going to eventually do with more skill if we do it consciously without intention.  [30:02]

Humility is overdone.  We are who we are. We have our achievements and we have our failings. [35:38]




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