On this momentous day, I hereby re-christen this show as the B.Rad podcast!

Why change the name after nearly 250 awesome shows? Why not, when my name is a double entendre and wonderfully in alignment with my main message of maintaining passion and competitive intensity throughout life! Besides, we’ve probably all gotten over ourselves by now, thanks to many life changing shows about healthy eating habits, how to live an active, fit lifestyle, pursue evolved relationship goals, minimize the damage caused by constant distraction and hyper connectivity, live a lifestyle that’s congruent with your stated goals, and of course, try to not take yourself too seriously along the way. 

Seriously, I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to engage 1:1 with thought leaders of the world and I’ve made an effort to maximize these gifts by taking the insights to heart, making a devoted effort to apply them to everyday life, and of course share everything with you. Seven years down the road hosting The Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance podcast, and 2.5 years into this podcast, I figure it’s time for an updated mission statement and communication of my vision. In this show, I’ll discuss striking a delicate balance between the often cited recommendation to be honest, authentic, and vulnerable against the reality that any public interaction is not really “authentic” in the true sense of the word, but rather a deliberate effort to deliver a specific message. 

Some of this discussion flows from the surprising insights I experienced in the show where Dave Rossi interviewed me, and I became a bit rattled when Dave asked, “So, what do the listeners still not know about Brad Kearns?” You’ll hear me discuss the topic in detail, but a sneak preview is that I resolve to be a little less conciliatory and a little more bold and direct when I have a difference of opinion or when something smells like BS to me, especially popular notions about healthy eating and exercise. I recorded this show on the heels of two amazing and inspiring interviews with Dr. Paul Saladino and Robb Wolf. These guys are bold, confident, well informed and extremely direct and aggressive in calling out flawed and dated conventional stupidity. Whether or not you agree with them, it’s something to respect and appreciate, and it helps advance the quest for the truth and continued personal growth. Well, I greatly appreciate your support of the podcast; I’ll hope you’ll dig the new name, and look forward to continuing our journey together. Share the show with a friend or loved one! My awesome podcast app called “Overcast” allows you to grab a sound bite at any time while listening to a show and then text the file over to a friend with a few button pushes. We value your feedback and read and evaluate all communication. Please email podcast@bradventures.com with your thoughts, suggestions, and questions for a Q&A show. 


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