(Breather) Assignment #2 of the MOFO Mission was Clean Up Your Act, and now we’re delving deeper into this concept with Assignment #3: Eat Ancestral Foods. Once you’ve ditched toxic food like grains, sugars, and industrial seed oils, it’s time to replace them with ancestral-approved foods and emphasize a nose-to-tail approach. Also consider incorporating superfoods like liver, pastured eggs, grass-fed pasture-raised meats, and oily, cold water fish into your diet.

The best way to start this new diet is to establish a zero tolerance policy – these toxic foods really are that addictive. Another important element of this assignment is fasting. Obsessive over-feeding represents the essence of the Standard American Diet – most people’s days revolve around regular meals and constant snacking in order to maintain energy. Contrastingly, an ancestral eating pattern puts fasting front and center as the centerpiece of your diet.

A diet can seem restrictive if you focus on what you’re taking out, but what about reframing it to instead focus on what you’re gaining? You get to choose from a wide variety of the most nutrient dense food on the planet, the food that literally fueled human evolution. I’m talking about meat, fish, fowl, eggs, produce like seasonal fruit, nuts and seeds, and certain modern foods that have good health benefits, like organic, whole-milk (never reduced fat!) dairy products and dark chocolate.

Dr. Peter Attia says: “Just eat stuff that your great-grandmother could have eaten, and stay away from the stuff that didn’t exist – even back a few generations.” Also, if you suffer from autoimmune or inflammatory conditions, why not try out carnivore? Many devotees of the carnivore diet experienced incredible results after cutting out plants from their diet. Could it be that the antigens/antinutrients present in plants actually do more harm than good? If you’ve got a sensitive system or any underlying conditions, then yes, that does seem to be the case. This diet has gained a ton of attention, and quickly, because of the enormous health and healing benefits followers have experienced. If you suffer from any nagging symptoms of an autoimmune or inflammatory condition, it’s worth just trying out 30 days without plants to see if you feel any positive difference, because the gut microbiome is critical to all aspects of health, including mental health.

Try testing out a “carnivore-ish” approach – what I’m doing right now is really just emphasizing the most nutrient dense foods, most notably liver and different organ meats and sardines, as they are true nutrient superstars. And of course, fasting. All aspects of hormonal, immune, and metabolic function work better when you’re fasting, but there are still so many people who don’t know this, and unfortunately have no idea that if they ate less often, they’d get healthier. The health benefits you get from fasting (autophagy, apoptosis, cellular repair and recycling, protein repair and recycling) vastly exceed the benefits you get from any known superfood or dietary/meal pattern. Aim to break your fast at noon, but be careful about not going so long without food that you feel tired or loopy or out of it: Simply sit down to enjoy a meal whenever you naturally feel the actual sensation of hunger, and make sure you are eating in a relaxed environment, and truly enjoying it. Being present in all aspects of your diet – from the planning to the prepping to the actual moment you sit down to enjoy this meal you’ve prepared with such care – actually has a real effect on how well you’re digesting your food.

Enjoy tackling MOFO Mission #3 and stay tuned for #4, coming soon!


Make space in your diet for the good stuff by ditching those grains, sugars, sweetened drinks, and industrial seed oils.  [01:33]

If you have already been on the right track of ditching the junk, you need to consider getting rid of the lower ranked foods in the ancestral categories. [03:02]

You may want to investigate fasting as well. It’s really good to have fasting as the centerpiece of your diet. [05:08]

When it’s time to eat, you can choose from your favorites of meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. [07:05]

The emergence of the carnivore movement has produced some amazing testimonials from people who have seen improvement in their health. [09:22]

When you are fasting, you are working at your highest human function. [13:17]

When you are fasting, you are lowering insulin production. [16:08]

Eating well also entails environmental factors. Eat in a stress-free situation. [18:00]

Again, it is so important to source the superfoods.  Don’t forget the SMASH family of fish from the local sources. [20:45]

What is in an ancestral power breakfast smoothie? [21:24]

Recovery from your workouts is especially a good time to look at fasting. [23:21]

Listen to your appetite. [26:54]



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Get Over Yourself Podcast

Brad (48s): MOFO mission assignment, number three: Eat ancestral foods, assignment number twoC cleaning up your act in so many ways with your relationships, your food, your foreign substances. Brad (1m 33s): But we started with getting rid of those toxic sugars, grains, and industrial seed oils. And so now you get to replace them with the ancestral inspired list of approved foods. And of course there’s a lot of room for personal preference, but we want you to emphasize those nose to tail animal foods that are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and fueled human evolution for 2 million years. And also of course, the fresh produce nuts and seeds and making a good effort to load up on super foods like liver, pastured, eggs, grass fed, pasture raised meats and oily cold water fish. Brad (2m 30s): Okay, here we go. So of course the first assignment is to make some space in the ball game for the good stuff. So ditching those grains, sugars, sweetened drinks, industrial seed oils. As I talked about in the last assignment, the best approach is to establish a zero tolerance policy because of their addictive properties. So for the first three weeks of your transition, you got to get these things all the way out of your diet. There is no room for little tiptoes here and there, back to the grains and the sugars. Brad (3m 2s): Okay. And probably if you’re listening, you’re doing a good job already. You’re not just throwing down junk food standard American diet. So we can also include in this objective, getting rid of the lower ranked foods in the various ancestral categories that you may already be emphasizing. So we want to transition away from those feed. Lot animals, those concentrated animal feeding operation products that have so many objections to health and environment and universally are recognized as vastly inferior to a sustainably raised naturally raised animal. Brad (3m 39s): And in the old days, that was kind of tough. You had to go looking for a source of pastured eggs or grass fed meats, but today, Oh my gosh, it’s easier than ever. The lines of pastured eggs like vital farms. You can see those in grocery chains all over the country. Of course, all the local brands even better. And then sourcing grass fed pasture, raised meat and fish wild caught fish. You can find that on the internet, if your local environment is deficient. So no excuses go find the good stuff. Yes. It’s going to have aa increase budget impact from eating the conventional foods, but this is the highest priority to source cleanliness. Brad (4m 19s): That is the animal foods because they have the concentration of the toxins and the adverse agents when you’re talking about conventionally raised animals. So yes, you’re going to be budgeting a little more for the good meets and stuff, but overall, as you transition over to an ancestral way of eating, you’re going to require fewer calories. You’re going to be cutting out the hideously, expensive processed foods and sweetened beverages and things that add up to a huge budget impact and make sourcing the best food a no brainer. Brad (4m 49s): It’s almost a PR people have written in saying it’s a wash when they switch over to a healthy, clean diet, because they’re getting rid of all the junk and the snacks and the $4 energy bars and the $5 exotic drinks from Starbucks. Okay. So we want to have a zero tolerance policy to ditch the bad stuff. And then the other thing that you can start integrating is to emphasize fasting as the centerpiece of your diet rather than a regular meals and snacks. So getting away from this obsessive overfeeding that represents the essence of the standard American diet, the high carbohydrate carbohydrate dependency eating patterns requires these regular meals and regular snacks to sustain energy because your prominent, your primary fuel source is external ingested calories, largely carbohydrate creating a lot of that percentage of your total caloric intake. Brad (5m 46s): So when we can get rid of the refined foods, get rid of the habit of obsessive overfeeding, and start exploring the wonderful benefits of fasting one current strategy. Obviously I’ve been doing this for many years, have a lot of metabolic flexibility, so I can play around with different things, but one that might appeal to everyone, whatever level you’re at is to just chill out a little bit and not shop so frequently and obsessively to constantly keep stocked with all these wonderful, delicious, healthy foods. Brad (6m 20s): Yes. If you look at my shopping basket or my refrigerator, all kinds of good stuff, a little to no objections or anything, that’s, you know, subpar, however, the constantly going to the store and making a meal on cue. Once you get that metabolic flexibility, you can explore the ideas of just skipping dinner here and there. Not eating till 2:00 PM or two 30, if you’re busy and all that’s okay. It’s all really good for you to have fasting as the centerpiece of your diet, especially if you’re traveling or you’re away from good choices. Brad (6m 55s): We don’t want to be, you know, traipsing through airports, looking for something decent. That’s super expensive, just because it’s time to eat. You can get really good at just skipping meals. Okay. Then when it’s time to eat, you choose from the ancestral list. The foods that have fueled human evolution, and of course personal preference is in play here. So if you dislike sardines or you’ve chosen to go whole foods, plant based and stay away from animal products, we’re going to have a long talk in the back room about that. Brad (7m 26s): But if that’s your game, at least you can choose from your favorites in this list of meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and certain modern foods that have good health benefits and little to no objections. So in that category, we could put organic high fat dairy products and bean to bar dark chocolate. So once you are free from carbohydrate dependency and the nutrient deficient process foods of the modern diet, and you are in the ancestral scene and figuring out the best mix, you can test out some refined strategies to try to achieve further benefits, but there’s so much controversy and confusion these days about ke is a good at bat is a good for you. Brad (8m 14s): Is it bad for you? Is it worked for women too? What about fasting? Is it dangerous if you’re a certain category? So all these things you have to experiment trial and error, do things that make you feel good, but stay away from overemphasizing the importance of the particulars of your diet. If you’re eating cleanly like dr. Peter Attia said on the very first, get over yourself podcast, just eat stuff that your great grandmother could have eaten and stay away from the stuff that didn’t exist. Even back a few generations, forget about the paleolithic ancestors for a moment. Brad (8m 47s): So if you’re interested in trying out the refined strategies like keto or carnivore, boy, you could have some amazing further gains to be made. That said, just getting the basics down is where we should all focus. And if we don’t have those basics down, and if sugar is leaking into the picture now, and then, and refined industrial seed oils are still present in your restaurant orders or even in your cupboard. That’s where we have to put all of our focus before we fool around with something like carnivore, keto and so forth, but a little plug for carnivore here. Brad (9m 22s): It’s amazing to see the emergence of this movement in such a short time. And so it’s showing tremendous promise, tremendous results for people that have nagging auto-immune or inflammatory conditions that are unknowingly highly sensitive to the antigens or the anti-nutrients contained in plants. So we know from the gluten problem, that’s prominent now that everyone is aware of that these lectins that are contained in plants, gluten is a form of lectin can easily damage the delicate brush borders in the small intestine and create this condition called leaky gut syndrome. Brad (10m 1s): If we talked about this 10 years ago, most doctors would have no idea what I was talking about. Most people entirely unaware of this whole important world of the gut microbiome and how critical it is to all matter of health, including mental health. There’s a huge gut brain connection. There’s many, many experts. You can go source with books and podcast episodes talking about how important it is to have gut health. And this leaky gut syndrome is extremely prevalent because we are tearing apart our delicate intestinal tract with these highly offensive foods that cause an inflammatory reaction. Brad (10m 36s): So well known the dangers of gluten, especially for someone who’s got diagnosed, celiac disease or high gluten sensitivity, but the ancestral argument, Mark Sisson, one of the first people to advance this, that we’re all intolerant to gluten at some level. And of course, other lectins as well. When you think about the side effects of consuming popular plant foods, we oftentimes get gas bloating when we’re consuming things in the legume family, or if you have a giant smoothie packed with super nutritious raw plant matter, like your kale, celery, spinach blend, and then you get a bloated stomach and some transient abdominal pain and the hours afterward that’s because of these anti-nutrients that are contained in all plants. Brad (11m 25s): These are the natural defense mechanisms of the plans to ward off garden pasts. And these can do damage to the human, especially if you’re sensitive. So whether or not carnivores something you should try, I would suggest that if you do have any nagging auto-immune or inflammatory conditions, a restrictive diet could be extremely valuable, certainly nothing to lose. And boy, then if you define or discover your intolerance to certain things like raw kale, you can adjust. So for that, I’m going to give a huge plug to trying things out, especially if you’re trying to drop excess body fat, you go into a carnival eating pattern, you’re getting a lot of protein. Brad (12m 3s): You’re getting a healthy amount of fat as well. So it’s highly satiating and it’s almost zero carbohydrates. So it’s going to lower insulin and kickstart fat burning. So the wonderful benefits to be had are possible healing from inflammatory or autoimmune conditions, easy reduction of excess body fat. And then you can kind of align into a sustainable longterm pattern, whatever that looks like for you. The term carnivore-ish is being bantered around. And I feel like that describes my approach really well because I emphasize the most nutritious foods on the planet from the animal kingdom, especially the superfoods. Brad (12m 41s): I’m doing a much better job getting my liver game on and getting those other organ meats into the mix as well as aggressive supplementation, because obviously I could always find more organ meats to consume, but not always there every single day in the diet, but sourcing those pasture raised eggs, the wild caught fish, the sardines, the true super nutrition superstars. Okay. So there’s a little summary of how you’re going to transition over to ancestral eating and play around with some more distinct strategies. Brad (13m 16s): if you are interested. In fasting though, fasting being the centerpiece, what a concept Mark Sisson and I had just finished a new book called Two Meals a Day. It’s the simplest diet book to end all diet books. Just quit eating so much food so often, and you’ll get much healthier. But when you put fasting at the centerpiece, it’s great to acknowledge that you are getting the most health benefits by far exceeding the benefits of any known super food or dietary pattern or a meal pattern. Brad (13m 52s): So when you’re fasting, you are working at your highest human function. These important mechanisms, such as autophagy, apoptosis, cell repair, hair, cell recycling, protein repair, and recycling. These things are at their highest function when you are in a fasted state, not when you drink your super fresh squeezed antioxidant bomber juice, sorry. Fasting wins again. So autophagy is the natural internal cellular detoxification process that occurs when you’re in a fasted state. Brad (14m 24s): Apoptosis is the programmed death of diseased or dysfunctional cells. So what you’re doing is you’re taking care of business. You’re pruning your yard before things have a chance to go further out of whack and turn cancerous. You’re accessing ancient pathways of repair and renewal when you’re in a fasted state. So to tiptoe into this world and discover the wonderful benefits of improving your fasting capabilities, just try to consume your first meal when that means when hunger ensues naturally in the morning. Brad (15m 1s): So you’re in a fasted state overnight, you can wake up and leverage the benefits of that. For however many hours, you can comfortably last and maintain peak cognitive function and physical function without feeling tired or, or loopy or goofy or craving foods. As soon as you get true sensations of hunger, you sit down and enjoy a nice meal, but many people with a basic level of metabolic flexibility can comfortably last until 12 noon going from the previous night. So that would be 14, 15, 16 hour fasting period. Brad (15m 34s): So you’re banking all these hours in a fasted state, enjoying these wonderful benefits, and then sitting down to a meal that you’re going to, I have a greater appreciation for as opposed to a ??eating something from the moment you wake up all the way to the very end of the evening, as you’re watching your final shows on your series binge. Okay. So fasting is the ultimate all aspects of hormonal immune and metabolic function work more efficiently when you’re fasting, repairing damaged cells, firing brain neurons, controlling inflammation, burning off stored body fat. Brad (16m 8s): What else is happening when you’re fasting? It is you are lowering insulin and many experts believe that producing an optimally minimal amount of insulin over your lifetime could be the most prominent longevity factor longevity attribute you can ever pull into the game here. Dr. Art DeVany. Dr. Peter Attia, Mark Sisson, all stress. This point that trying to produce an optimally minimal amount of insulin to get the job done. Brad (16m 41s): Don’t misunderstand. Obviously insulin is extremely important. It’s a nourishing storage hormone that brings the needed nutrients, particularly glucose and amino acids to cells and tissues throughout the body. But we are living in a state of wildly excessive and chronic insulin production. It is driving the single most prominent and most concerning disease pattern of modern times. That is metabolic syndrome. That’s a collection of disea risk factors that type two diabetes and so forth, or just crippling modern humans like never before where the fattest and sickest population in the history of humanity. Brad (17m 20s): Congratulations. And it’s all traced back to producing too much insulin from a high carbohydrate carbohydrate dependency diet, where we have dysfunctional fat metabolism and the refined industrial seed oils. Get a plug here too, even though they don’t spike insulin like sugars and grains. What they do is they hamper your ability to burn fat and dr. Cate Shanahan leading crusader here, you can listen to my shows where she goes into detail about the evils of these industrial fats. Brad (17m 51s): What they do is they mess it up. So you can’t burn fat. So you get tired. And when you’re tired, you’re hungry. And so you’re going back to the carbs. Okay? So that is the plug for fasting and eating the healthy foods when it’s time. But eating well also entails and environmental factors, right? It’s not just the right food choices, especially if you’re bringing in stress factors like orthorexia, that’s a natural fixation on eating the healthiest possible foods. Brad (18m 22s): If you’re making it stressful to eat healthy, then you’re missing the point you’re missing the boat. So eating well also entails creating a quiet, calm, low stress environment for eating. Remember the nicknames for the two branches of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic is known as fight or flight, and the parasympathetic is known as rest and digest. So digestion entails a calm, relaxed state of autonomic nervous system function. Brad (18m 52s): Parasympathetic, if you are stressed and anxious and you’re wolfing down food, as you rush out the door because the kids are late to school and you’re late to work, you’re defeating the purpose of whatever healthy nutrition you’re throwing down your body at an inappropriate time. That’s why it’s so difficult for the athletes to suck down their sugary gels and drinks while they’re peddling a bicycle at high speed or competing in an ultra marathon. Their digestive system is simply not prepared to do a good job digesting food while you’re sweating and your heart’s pounding. Brad (19m 24s): And so there’s all kinds of problems associated with trying to take on onboard calories. That’s why becoming a fat adapted endurance athlete is so beneficial. So a low stress eating environment at all times, and Hey, why not make it a celebratory environment at all times? That’s why we love going out to restaurants. We get away from the ringing phones or the screaming kids, or whatever’s going on that potentially disrupts our ability to have a celebratory environment at all time. Sometimes we’re channeling down food at our desk at lunchtime because we want to be more productive. Brad (19m 58s): Oh my goodness, let’s make eating a centerpiece of the celebration of life and do it right. And also increase your connection with the entire experience by shopping for the raw ingredients, preparing meals from scratch, having it be a great family experience rather than just ordering and pushing the button and having Door Dash deliver it enough of that already. Let’s strive to eat well at all times. And included in that is waiting until you’re truly hungry to eat a meal rather than just reflexively sitting down and stuffing more food down your face. Brad (20m 34s): Fasting is the centerpiece. Fasting is key enjoy meals when you’re truly hungry and finish when you’re satisfied, rather than going to the point where you feel full. Okay. So throwing those into the mix with your good choices, and then finally making a real effort to source those super foods that have so many nutritional benefits, and it can really take it to the neTt level. I mentioned a few, the liver and the other organ meats, pastured eggs, SMASH fish from the smash family. Brad (21m 5s): that stands for sardines, mackerel, anchovies, salmon, and herring, and sourcing that fresh local produce the very best. If you’re looking for berries, get them in the summertime from the farmer’s market and pass on those overly sweetened, overly cultivated stuff that’s shipped in from China in the winter time. That kind of thing. So the superfoods quoting from the PDF, the MOFO Mission, the wonderful book says if you’re cracking a few conventional eggs and frying, a few slices of nitrate late in bacon for a so called ancestral power breakfast, please compare and contrast to the phenomenal array of premium ingredients in a typical Liver King smoothie. Brad (21m 47s): Brian Johnson special here is one of his go to breakfasts. Break fasts that typically happen around 3:00 PM. So yeah, there go a bunch of awesome fasted hours. And then how about this smoothie first: some fresh, raw pastured milk. That’s right. Raw milk, not pasteurized or homogenized, which kills all the nutritional benefits and makes it more difficult to digest. So you go find some raw milk at a local farm. Brad (22m 17s): Some excellent stores will have raw milk, but it’s very rare. Then you throw in some raw pastured eggs. And in Brian’s case, when he’s talking about some eggs, he’s talking about nine or so, why not? Some grass fed yogurt, organic ghee., or grass fed tallow or grass fed tallow capsules, which are now available. If you can’t find tallow down the street, a slob of organic almond butter, some collagen capsules, some grass fed whey protein powder and some Himalayan sea salt. Blend that puppy up. Brad (22m 48s): Actually it tastes pretty good. And then you are in the realm of super foods. So there’s also a legitimate question when it comes to this ancestral style eating or the carnivore-ish pattern of the role of carbohydrates for people that are striving for peak performance recovery, hormone optimization is a common concern for females who are already at a healthy body fat or a low body fat. And there’s a lot of controversy and personal opinion and differences among individuals when it comes to optimizing carb intake. Brad (23m 21s): So you have to do some experimentation, some trial and error, knowing that most of us are emanating from years and decades of wildly excessive carbon taken carbohydrate dependency as evidenced by carrying around excess body fat, despite devoted efforts to exercise and eat well. So if you’re dealing with a longterm struggle with excess body fat, the most reliable approach is to first get healthy and then fast a lot and restrict your carbohydrate intake. So you can burn more fat, but let’s say you already at, or near your ideal body compositioD and you’re trying to figure out the best way to recover from peak performance efforts. Brad (24m 1s): You can definitely source the nutrient dense, colorful carbohydrates with the understanding that there’s no justification ever for consuming junk food carbohydrates, just because you burned up a bunch of carbs. So if you think about refueling after your awesome CrossFit workout or your long run, or your long bike ride with the, the pleasures of the Berry pie and a big scoop of sugary ice cream, that is the case kind of thing. That’s going to delay recovery and throw on more stress factors beyond the stress of the workout. Brad (24m 37s): So ideally when you finish a difficult workout, you want to recover and replenish the body with good stuff. And I know that we give round a hall passes all the time in the athletic world for the massive calorie burning and then the reward of consuming massive calories in celebration. But if we can rethink that, I think we’d have a tremendous benefit because you see when you’re out there working out, you are generating oxidation and inflammation in the body, oxidative stress, free radicals, and also an inflammation it’s part and parcel to pushing the body and challenging the muscles, nothing wrong with that because in the recovery process, you rebuild stronger and more resilient. Brad (25m 17s): That’s the adaptation to the training stimulus, right? But if you are throwing down foods that are oxidative and inflammatory in nature, you’re doing the same thing you did in the workout. You’re stressing the system with the berry pie and the ice cream at the very moment that you could benefit from foods that nourish you and do not promote that oxidation and inflammatory response. The best example I’m going to write about this in the upcoming book is Dude Spelling’s doing the rim to rimD amazing achievement on the Grand Canyon. Brad (25m 51s): So running from the South rim down to the bottom, touch the North rim down to the bottom, back to the South rim, it’s about 50 miles with thousands and thousands of feet of climbing and due to attempted to do this in a full on ketogenic, fast and state throughout, he had to kill even and consume a couple packets of coconut butter or something to, to inspire his legs, to take him out of the Canyon and make it back up to the South rim. But what he did at the end was extraordinary. And that was when all his buddies, his fellow runners were rewarded with a stack of steaming hot pizzas that the support crew went and got them when they finished this 13 hour ordeal. Brad (26m 30s): Dude, instead elected to go into his tent and crash out and remain in a fasted state for another 10 hours or so overnight theorizing that as his body was so beat up and trashed this amazing effort that he wanted to be in the most anti-inflammatory best cellular repair state possible, which is fasting. And I think this little anecdote, other athletes have experimented with the same stuff, could be a window to the future of athletic performance and recovery that we are in our best functionality when we’re fasted. Brad (27m 5s): Therefore, after these tough workouts, perhaps we could try fasting as a legitimate recovery strategy when we’re always socialized to think the opposite that we got to slam those calories back so we can recover quickly. So when it comes to optimizing carb intake and you want to test and experiment, I personally find that I spontaneously or intuitively find more carbs coming into my diet, into my mouth in association with difficult workouts. Brad (27m 35s): So in the aftermath of my best workouts, my most intense workouts, my carbs will find a way into my mouth without really a concerted effort. So it might be a bowl of popcorn that night. It might be several more squares of dark chocolate over the ensuing days. And it seems to work well for me to just listen to my appetite. And I think we all have that tremendous intuitive ability to know what we need and pay attention to our cravings. But a lot of times those have been washed out and muted and destroyed by the hypersensitivity foods that we’ve been eating our whole life. Brad (28m 13s): So developing that sweet tooth to the point that our pallet has been deadened and that’s all that really works for us. When we kind of clean up our diet, clean up our life, then we are more sensitive to how foods really make us feel what we really need. And what’s really the most nourishing and necessary at any particular time. So there you go. That is mission assignment, number three, eat ancestral foods and get those superfoods in your game too Thanks for listening. Brad (28m 44s): Check out Brad kearns.com/mofo for more info. And I talked about liver King’s dietary patterns. Learn more at ancestralsupplements.com and click on the about us page. One of the great messages you will ever find on the internet from Brian. Who’s the real deal living the ancestral dream, and Oh my gosh, great suggestions for a diet practices, lifestyle exercise. Thank you for listening to the show. Brad (29m 16s): Thank you for listening to the show. We would love your feedback at getoveryourselfpodcast@gmail.com. And we would also love if you could leave a rating and a review on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts, I know it’s a hassle. You have to go to desktop iTunes, click on the tab that says ratings and reviews, and then click to rate the show anywhere from five to five stars. And it really helps spread the word so more people can find the show and get over themselves because they need to thanks for doing it.



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MOFO has been nothing short of an incredible addition to my daily life. After a few days of taking this stuff, I started noticing higher energy levels throughout the day (and focus), increased libido (no joke!!), and better sleep (didn’t expect this at all!), not to mention better performance in the gym. I was finally able to break through a deadlift plateau and pull a 605lb deadlift, more than triple my body weight of 198 pounds! I was astonished because other than the MOFO supplement (and it’s positive, accompanying side effects) nothing else had changed in my daily routine in order to merit this accomplishment. I’m a big believer in MOFO and personally, I like to double dose this stuff at 12 capsules per day. The more the merrier!”


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