I am pleased to introduce you to a very colorful and insightful life coach, multisport coach, speaker, elite amateur triathlete and life philosopher, Andre Obradovic of Melbourne, Australia.

I threw this guy onto my Primal Endurance Podcast show in early 2018, and he knocked it out of the park with his hilarious, fast-paced banter and Aussie-isms that honored the healthy, balanced approach to training advocated by Primal Endurance. Andre’s remarkable story of transitioning from a “little fatty carb burner, sucking up food like a pool sweep machine” back in 2011 to a lean, mean, fat-burning beast will inspire you to trust the process and be the best you can be.

Andre cut processed carbs, slowed down his training pace, threw in some mobility/flexibility and power training, and started getting healthier and faster. He went from needing an energy gel to complete a 10k run, to improve his marathon time by 17 minutes despite being seven years older.  Now he is so committed to the Primal Approach that he refuses to train a prospective client in his gym until they agree to transition from a SAD diet (Standard Australian Diet – yes, they throw down Weetabix Down Under) to a nutritious, primal-style diet.

In this show, Andre and I depart from the obsessive talks about training to discuss real-life matters not related to workout strategies, but of critical importance to your happiness and effectiveness as a parent, partner or career person. Andre and I are both 53 as of late 2018, so we reflect on our journey as fathers of children (two each) who are now adults. We cough up some choice feedback for young dads trying to balance raising kids who also have strong athletic and career goals. Yes, this show takes a meaningful and memorable detour from the constant talk about training. You will love Andre’s insightful commentary in the fresh Aussie spirit that guides him.

Andre offers the profound reflection that his competitive drive and desire to be a good breadwinner for the family made him constantly busy and hyperconnected. He believes he instilled these traits into his kids today! Ouch. Yes, it’s time to reflect on our priorities as parents, the values we want to impart to kids, and how to best do that without being another talking head.

Tips include walking your talk, sharing personal stories and life experience instead of just lecturing, and emphasizing higher ideals like being an all-around good person. This duo contends that these strategies will help counteract the unfortunate trend of helicopter parenting, or the dated old school disciplinarian parent who wants children to suffer because that’s how they came of age.

This podcast is a show to reflect upon, especially for the young dads out there trying to do it all.  Yes, you can find a sweet spot where you don’t shelter or enable kids but also give them the advantages and support, they deserve. Andre describes a personal conduct contract he prepared for his children to sign; a unique concept that alone will be worth the price of the show and then some! The show ends with Andre asking the profound question to all father’s out there: “If you die tomorrow, how will you want your kids to remember you?”


How Andre recalibrated Brad’s whole mindset [09:10].

Staying focused on your priorities is an ongoing daily battle [17:00].

Block out time for computer/social media use on your schedule to avoid getting sucked in and wasting your time [21:15].

We can only focus intently for about 20 minutes at a time, so make sure you take breaks [29:30].

Stay accountable, not just to yourself, but to your specific goals [33:10].

You have to honor the spirit of your story [38:15].

What a lack of discipline and structure leads to [45:00].

Write down all the things you want, and identify what you can say “No” to in order to get one of those things [50:20].

There’s tremendous value in trying things that are far removed from your basic nature [55:10].

Don’t stick to structure and guidelines to the point where it’s unhealthy; orthorexia is an example of this [59:25].

The mistake Andre made that forced him to learn the value of sticking to his plans [1:05:15].



  • “What do you have to do to make it happen, and what do you have to change?”
  • “You have to ask yourself if you’re hitting your goals/your purpose, and if not, what is holding you back?”
  • “No muppets’ means don’t be a blind follower of what I call ‘conventional stupidity.’”


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