“Where Are You Setting?,” Anat asks of you right now. Yes, it’s a big question and one of the most important ones you will ever ask yourself in your life.

Anat offers intensive personal transformation retreats called TrainingCampForTheSoul.com and in this episode, we find out what her approach is all about. Oh, are you a little resistant to spending 5.5 incredibly intense days, with significant investment, to do some deep work and healing? That’s okay because this episode will give you a great overview of how we stay blocked and resistant and suffering in daily life. As you may have enjoyed on my Breather show highlighting the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, there is significant scientific support for the idea that we spend most of our lives operating from flawed subconscious programming that happened in childhood from ages 0-7. Anat helps people unwind this flawed programming and become more mindful, more relaxed, and happier in life, job and relationships.

In this show, Anat describes the five stages of the training that she offers as “spiritual surgery,” consisting of the following:

1. Awareness: Often you will uncover more than you thought upon reflection.

2. Acceptance and Commitment: This is where you identify your flawed behavior and lifestyle patterns, like how you might continue to attract a certain typecast of insensitive, narcissistic boyfriends. This pattern could be rooted in your daddy relationship, ouch.

3. Cause and Effect: Here, you get to the root of the problem at the cellular level. Anat says you don’t even need to have a clear memory of your childhood, but that your cells remember so it’s time to stop thinking and feel more. No need for stories, just open communication and corresponding open breathing and body position.

4. Release and Replace: This can include a physical release, such as anger or crying. Then it’s time to edit the script of your life and create some new story possibilities and alternate endings!

5. Education and Integration: This can take up to 18 months, starting with conscious competence (like when you are first driving a car and have to think everything through; or like reminding yourself to become mindful and not react during a contentious conversation). Then you transform into unconscious competence, largely because you have gone to the root of the problem rather than just “pulling weeds” in your garden.

Yes, pulling weeds is how Anat describes much of our education and exposure to personal growth and healing, and puts in a good recommendation for going as deep as possible into your flawed childhood programming to enable true healing at the cause.


Approach working on your mental health as you do your physical health: you just have to consistently show up [7:20].

Why you have to commit to recovery, every single day [10:00].

How do you know when you’re ready to do the work? [15:05].

Don’t waste time “trimming weeds” [17:20].

Anat takes us through the 5 stages of healing [19:20].

“Allow the body to do what it needs to do to heal….it just knows.” [21:18].

How to create safety through your body language [25:45].

Why the first two days of the retreat are focused on moving through what has been learned through Mom & Dad [30:30].

What does it look like to be truly vulnerable? [37:15].

Dr. Lipton’s 4 ways to reprogram the subconscious mind [42:45].

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” [54:40].



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