Seth Godin is one of the great thinkers of modern times, known for his string of 18 international bestselling books on topics relating to personal productivity, time efficiency, and evolved marketing philosophy and strategy.

Seth calls himself a teacher first and foremost, and his Akimbo online learning center and alternative MBA course offer revolutionary approaches to online learning. He writes one of the most popular blogs in the world at Seths.blog, in a unique short form style that will give you a daily reminder to be the best you can be with profound and pithy insights. Type “Seth” into Google and you’ll find his blog, with 7,000 posts and one million readers – you absolutely must join the party!! 

Seth’s most recent bestseller is called This Is Marketing, with the main take away message being that we are all marketers in every way that we make an economic contribution to society. The essence of marketing is transforming congruently with the changes in the information economy. The dated model of slamming an aggressive (and often manipulative) message down our throats is being replaced with what Seth calls a “market-driven economy,” where we are compelled to engage with and serve our audience. 

His insights about focus, discipline, strategic thinking, and pursuing the highest expression of your talents have changed my life, and I ponder tips from his blog every day. On the show, I shared my pain point of distractibility, hopefully speaking for many listeners. We have the constant ability to become entertained and amused with digital stimulation, which can distract from our priority objectives, like writing a book for example! Seth keeps it real with some pointblank insights that we can all take inspiration from. You absolutely must sign up for Seth’s daily email newsletter/blog post – the messages are short and profound and will get you thinking about better ways to work and live life. Seth calls out what is wrong and lame in the economy and society and offers a strategy to think differently. After the interview, I read a couple of Seth’s recent blog posts to get you even more acquainted with this one of a kind thought leader. Check out his links and subscribe to his blog, you will be very satisfied.


Seth tells how to keep focused and guarded against hyperconnectivity and overstimulation[3:40] 

What is the difference between MARKETING DRIVEN and MARKET DRIVEN? [6:19] 

A book is a socially acceptable way to talk about yourself. [07:29] 

No one’s going to buy a book as a favor to you. They’re going to buy a book as a favor to themselves.  [09:39] 

The smallest viable audience is what you are shooting for.  [10:53] 

Ideas spread horizontally, not vertically. [14:05] 

There is a concern that technology will eliminate many of today’s professions. Get ready for change.  [18:32] 

In his book, The Dip, the basic concept is of persevering what you are passionate about. [20:50] 

What does it mean to be the best? [21:18] 

Actors have to depend on luck as compared to athletes. [23:23] 

Don’t sign up for a mismatch to live one life and expect it differently. [28:47] 

The way jobs used to be is gone. Now we have to exert ourselves. [31:00] 

It is hard to focus on your contribution when you are inundated with outside distractions. [32:58] 



  • “You can’t win the Boston Marathon if you stop for cheesecake!”


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