Brad’s Superfruits Tropical Fruit Electrolyte & Hydration Beverage

Nature's perfect energy drink, 100% organic


Hydrate naturally with freeze-dried, organic tropical fruit powder providing incredible nutrient-density and optimal electrolyte balance. Enjoy these rare and potent organic tropical fruits, sourced to origin in the tropics: mangosteen, papaya, acerola, acai, goji, camu camu, tart cherry, and lime. Abundant natural antioxidants, phytonutrients, and electrolytes — everything you need for a cellular and cognitive energy boost and optimal hydration. Switch to a natural energy drink instead of laboratory-derived, artificially flavored/sweetened formulations. Light, pleasant natural tropical fruit flavor – no fake junk!

Our exotic tropical fruit blend energizes you at the cellular level—no synthetic powder even comes close!

Suggested Use

Use before, during, and after workouts to ensure hydration and cellular energy balance. This is a versatile powder that you can drink straight, hot or cold, or add to smoothies or yogurt/cereal foods.
  • Mix one scoop (10g) in 8-12 ounces of water in glass or bottle and stir/shake;
  • Add to blended smoothie (B.rad Whey Protein Superfuel)
  • Mix into hot water for a delicious afternoon/evening tea.

Be sure to SHAKE IT! Please shake the powder vigorously in a sealed water bottle or use a blender or stick blender to mix completely. This is a completely natural powdered fruit product with no emulsifiers, blending agents or chemical alterations for mixability. Expect a bit of residue when you finish a bottle.


Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated and energized for fitness activities and an active lifestyle. Energy drinks are very popular, but most contain a bunch of crap ingredients and chemical sweeteners. Many do a decent job getting you hydrated and electrolyte balanced, and indeed can be more effective than plain water. I’ve used many such beverages over the years with beneficial effects.

Our decision to launch this premium product is to provide a completely natural alternative in the hydration and electrolyte beverage category, giving you a natural source of sustained energy, hydration, and electrolytes, without any junk.


Peak performance, fast recovery, fat reduction, and longevity

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