Paleo Cooking Bootcamp

Cook With Intention For Two Hours, Eat Paleo For A Week!

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Paleo Cooking Bootcamp

An Online Multimedia Education Experience

Time-efficient step-by-step guidance to prepare Paleo-approved breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

  • Learn powerhouse two-hour “intentional cooking” sessions from chef Katie French
  • Weekend cooking creates ready-made nutritious meals for quick re-heat all week!
  • Stay on track with dietary goals, even when too tired or busy to cook
  • No more guesswork or haphazard cooking efforts, just total efficiency – even for a cooking novice
  • Step-by-step guidance from shopping list to recipe prep to finished meals
Paleo Cooking Bootcamp step by step

Make it easy to stay committed to Paleo
– even if you’re super busy!

A hectic daily schedule makes it difficult to stay aligned with your healthy eating goals. The Paleo Cooking Bootcamp makes it easy to prepare and eat delicious paleo-friendly meals all week long with a precise, intentional two-hour weekend cooking session that enables you to enjoy ready-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the rest of the week.

Join chef Katie French for a complete bootcamp online course, consisting of four weekend cooking sessions with step-by-step guidance from start to finish. After each two-hour intentional cooking session, you’ll have ready-made, delicious, creative, Paleo-approved meals at your disposal for the entire busy, hectic week ahead.

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Course Components


Paleo Cooking Bootcamp videos
  • 50 videos to guide you through all aspects of intentional cooking
  • Organizing your pantry and refrigerator, purging your kitchen, and time-saving techniques and products
  • Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 setup and prep/cooking order, and individual recipes
  • Bonus recipes to add variety and please the whole family
  • Supplemental videos about staying aligned with Paleo lifestyle and student Q&A
  • Exclusive interview with former litigation attorney turned chef and cooking coach Katie French

Written Material

  • Paleo Cooking Bootcamp For Busy People eBook: A step-by-step meal preparation plan that allows you to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for an entire week in a single, highly focused two-hour power cooking session. Your guidebook and trusted companion on your bootcamp journey.
Paleo Cooking Bootcamp book
  • Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings: Transform ordinary meals into culinary masterpieces. You’ll get acquainted with the essential list of Primal-approved ingredients: butter, coconut milk, flour alternatives, puréed vegetables, nut butters, eggs, healthful oils, vinegar, salt and assorted herbs and spices. Then, it’s off to the races to create your dips, rubs, dessert toppings, marinades, seasonings, salsa, pesto, flavored butter, tapenade, gravy and much more.
Paleo Cooking Bootcamp Sauces Dressings eBook
  • PDF Shopping Lists for each weekly cooking session.
  • Carnivore Scores food rankings chart PDF of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods
Paleo Cooking Bootcamp testimonial Sue Katie

“The Paleo Cooking Bootcamp was an awesome way to add new recipes and techniques to my cooking routine for my family of five.  I was studying nutrition at the time of the bootcamp and it was so helpful to be able to connect the dots between the science of nutrition that I was learning and the physical dishes from the class.  I now have my own practice as a Nutrition Consultant, and I see with clients that healthful meal prep can easily fall by the wayside. The bootcamp techniques help individuals and families refocus on the beauty of a shared nutritious meals.

– Sue B, Los Angeles, CA

“Katie truly is passionate about her work and it shows in all the support, encouragement, and patience she exhibits with her students. I highly recommend her.”

– M.A

Paleo Cooking Bootcamp praise

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About The Course Material

  • Four weeks of Paleo menus: Easy to prepare meals, but offering tremendous variety and creativity.
  • 24 Paleo-approved recipes: Take a load off and plan your week with Paleo-approved recipes everyone will love!
  • Step-by-step videos: A series of shorter, thoughtfully edited videos get you through the two-hour session smoothly.
  • Shopping & prep guides: An itemized grocery list for each week gets you in and out of the store quickly and efficiently
  • Bonus videos & lifetime access: Bonus videos and support materials to elevate your kitchen skills and unlock possibilities for continued progress and creativity.
  • Don’t be intimidated! Even if you have little confidence or experience, this course is for you! You’ll quickly increase your confidence and enjoyment of cooking with clear step-by-step instruction.
Paleo Cooking Bootcamp

Meet Your Instructor, Katie French, Esq.

As a former high-powered litigation attorney turned Paleo chef and nutrition coach, Katie French understands the constant struggle to balance healthy eating intentions with the reality of time-crunched lifestyles. Inspired by Katie’s award-winning live bootcamp classes in San Francisco, we welcome you to her comprehensive online video course that brings her book, Paleo Cooking Bootcamp For Busy People and the bootcamp methods to life!

Start your bootcamp experience today–you’ll receive instant access to your online portal with all four bootcamp video sessions, exact grocery lists, the eBook for Paleo Cooking Bootcamp, and extensive guides and supporting materials to help you navigate the videos and gain maximum efficiency in the kitchen.

Ready to Start Cooking?

Get the help and support you need to stick to your goals. Take guesswork and stress out of the picture and just commit to Bootcamp! You’ll build the momentum, confidence, and enjoyment that will keep you aligned with healthy eating goals for years to come.

Digital Package: $99.00

  • Four weeks of step-by-step instructional cooking videos
  • Paleo Cooking For Busy People eBook (121 pages)
  • Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings eBook (260 pages)
  • Weekly itemized grocery lists PDF
  • Bonus videos with cooking and kitchen prep tips
  • Support materials to better navigate the videos
  • Lifetime access to information portal

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Gain a strong basic understanding of how to overcome weekly meal planning challenges much faster and easier. Take the first step to start cooking with confidence and get free, exclusive access to 3 mouth-watering recipes from the course now!

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