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Start Your Day with a Winning Habit

Mounting research reveals that starting your day with a well-formulated exercise routine improves energy, mood,  focus, and discipline. You set the tone for a productive day, and dramatically elevate your baseline fitness level with an empowering daily habit.

This online course provides step-by-step guidance to custom design a morning movement routine that feels right to you, and where you can build upon your commitment over time. You’ll start gradually with a routine that’s at “medium” difficulty for you, but you’ll get fitter and stronger over time so your medium becomes pretty awesome!

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Your enrollment in this course represents one giant leap in the direction of peak performance, and helps you escape from the disturbing norm of reaching for a mobile device first thing in the morning (like 84% of Americans!) Behavior experts assert that this immediate hyper-connectivity puts you in a reactive, distractible mindset that is difficult to extricate from for the rest of the day. In contrast, even a modest start with a five-minute exercise sequence can help you build focus and discipline, boost fitness, and elevate mood and energy first thing in the morning.

While I’m a former US national champion professional triathlete and Guinness World Record holding master’s athlete with a major lifelong commitment to fitness, I must admit that I never followed a consistent morning exercise routine. As I accumulate a streak (started in Jan, 2017 –  haven’t missed a day since!) doing my template routine every single day, I must admit the experience has been life changing.

My routine started small (12 minutes) and has grown to become an impressive 40-minute workout, but it’s no trouble for me to complete. It’s become so wired into habit that I don’t even think about it. I don’t judge it as easy or hard, nor annoying or exciting, I just drop to the mat and commence the sequences. I contend my routine has highly beneficial meditative aspects, because I am in a completely mindful state, focusing solely on the count of each exercise in the sequence.

No matter how I feel when I awaken in the morning, I always emerge from the routine feeling better. I am excited to share this gift with you and encourage you to join me in the life-changing benefits of a morning exercise routine, one that that feels right to you and fits well with your lifestyle and fitness level.

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