Take the (Cold) Plunge!

Brad Kearns

Take The (Cold) Plunge!

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A Comprehensive How-To Guide For Therapeutic Cold-Water Exposure

Online Multimedia Educational Experience

Experience all the benefits of cold exposure, and do it right!

  • Improve focus, discipline, and stress tolerance
  • Optimize immune, metabolic, and cardiovascular function
  • Shed excess body fat quickly
  • Boost energy and motivation
  • Instant cure for anxiety and unregulated emotions
Brad Kearns Take the Cold Plunge

Take the Cold Plunge Brad Kearns

Learn The Correct Cold Exposure Protocols For Every Venue

Cold plunging is the biohacking sensation, but the practice is often misunderstood and misappropriated. It’s not about suffering and overstressing the body. The correct protocols and progressions must be followed to experience the health benefits.

This course provides step-by-step guidance to custom-designing an appealing, appropriate, and sustainable cold therapy practice for you. You’ll learn how to start with showers, and progress to ice baths, custom-designed units, and open water plunges.

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Course Components


  • Learn the hormonal, immune, cognitive, circadian, “earthing,” and fat loss benefits
  • Detailed instruction for how to start and progress safely and comfortably over time
  • Mindset, intentional breathing, and rewarming strategies
  • Pairing cold with exercise for performance breakthroughs
  • How to use each of the cold therapy venues correctly
  • Brad’s cold therapy practice using various venues
  • DIY cold exposure options
Brad Kearns Take the Cold Plunge


Take the Cold Plunge Brad Kearns
  • 100-page, Take The (Cold) Plunge! eBook, with detailed description of physical and psychological benefits, how-to instructions to get started and progress, how to lose body fat, how to literally reverse aging through a cold therapy practice, how to overcome initial resistance, and how to recover faster. Contains detailed shopping guide, research links, suggested reading and references.
  • Perhaps the most comprehensive written resource on cold water therapy you can find!


  • Psychological resilience: Building a cold therapy practice will help you become more focused, confident, and disciplined for all other life challenges
  • Hormone optimization: Cold exposure delivers a reliable spike in dopamine and norepinephrine, which you can leverage for increased energy, motivation and peak performance
  • Fat reduction: Cold therapy prompts increased fat burning (independent from diet and exercise efforts) for breakthrough results
  • Improved recovery: Cold exposure can reduce inflammation and muscle damage, and speed return to homeostasis
  • Emotional regulation: Cold exposure is validated as an instant cure for anxiety and unregulated emotions

dude in ice bath

“Brad Kearns’s cold therapy material is the most comprehensive and informative I have seen anywhere. He takes detailed scientific research and explains it to the casual user. You will learn everything you need to get going with a successful cold therapy practice and do things the right way!”

Dude Spellings, Austin TX

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Note from Brad

Brad Kearns Take the Cold PlungeI have been an enthusiast of cold-water therapy since 2017, and have tried every possible venue and protocol there is to try. I’ve learned more about the science and best practices over time, with lots of trial and error. I am pleased to guide you to experiencing the awesome physical and psychological benefits of cold therapy. However, cold exposure is no joke, and you have to do it right to appreciate the experience, build a habit, and avoid the potential drawbacks of adding more stress to an overly stressful lifestyle.

Many people misunderstand what this is all about; it’s not a macho contest nor a suffer-fest. You have to dial in a protocol that works for your daily schedule, environment, and overall stress load. The videos and the detailed eBook will give you everything you need to succeed, and we offer email support to address your personal concerns.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna play you by pounding my chest and jumping into near-freezing water saying, “This is fun!” Cold exposure takes focus, intention, discipline, and resilience, but I promise you will grow to appreciate the experience. This course is the real deal, and you will learn how the profound benefits of persevering through such a challenge can be life changing. Oh yeah, and the hot tub or warm shower is especially pleasurable afterward! I appreciate your trust and interest, and guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience with the Take The (Cold) Plunge! course.

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Complete Video Library and eBook Contents


Part I. Welcome to Take The (Cold) Plunge!

  • The Truth About Cold Exposure
  • Recommendations: Keep Moving, Hands-In, Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Minimizing Breathing To Override Panic Response

Part II. Scientifically Validated Health Benefits

  • Research on Dopamine Benefits
  • Lymphatic and Cardiovascular Benefits
  • Cold Shock Proteins for Comprehensive Health Benefits
Brad Kearns Take the Cold Plunge
Part III. Taking The Plunge: How-To Instructions

  • Starting Cold Shower
  • Plunge Tub Session
  • Cultivating The Ideal Mindset
  • Intentional Breathing To Withstand The Cold
  • Breathing With Cold Exposure

Part IV. Contrast Therapy: Hot And Cold For The Ultimate Relaxation

  • Contrast Therapy – Tub and Sauna
  • Contrast Therapy – Pool and Spa

Part V. DIY Options

  • Chest Freezer Overview, Logistics, and Safety
  • Filling Up And Getting Started
  • Final Steps: Epsom Salts, Filter, Plug Timer
  • Ice Barrel

eBook Contents

Part I

  • The Life-Changing Physical And Psychological Benefits Of Therapeutic Cold-Water Exposure
  • The Hormetic Effects Of Cold Exposure
  • Physiological, Metabolic, And Cognitive Benefits
  • Reducing Excess Body Fat—Cold As Your Secret Weapon
  • Reversing Aging With Cold Exposure

Part II

  • Safety Considerations
  • Adopt An Empowering Mindset
  • Cold Therapy Options
  • Duration, Temperature And Frequency
  • Performance, Recovery And Circadian Applications
  • Breathing And Meditation
  • Brad’s Cold Therapy Practice
  • Energetic “Earthing” Benefits Of Water
  • Cold Therapy And Exercise
  • The Unfrozen Caveman Runner: Cold Before Exercise
Take the Cold Plunge Brad Kearns
Part III

  • Suggestion Progression Of Your Cold Therapy Practice
  • Living A Resilient Lifestyle
  • Shopping Guide For Cold Therapy Units
  • Chest Freezer Best Practices
  • Internet Resources

Take the (Cold) Plunge Now!

From improving your stress tolerance to optimizing the functioning of your body AND mind, proper cold exposure contains a treasure trove of benefits. Now is your chance to learn the proper protocols to maximize your ability to reap those benefits. I invite you to take the plunge—literally—today!

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