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Bob Wheeler: Improving Your Relationship With Money

I welcome Bob Wheeler, financial expert and motivator, book author, and founder of The Money Nerve, to the show. Bob is quite a unique individual as he is also both a CPA and stand up comedian!…


Brian MacKenzie: Shifting, Adapting, and Breathing To Reduce Stress and Speed Recovery

What a treat it is to welcome Brian MacKenzie back to the show! Brian first appeared on the podcast back in 2018, and that episode remains to this day one of the most downloaded ever! Brian…


Robbie Bent: The Many Benefits Of Breathwork For De-Stressing

Get ready for a fascinating show all about the hot topic of breathwork! Robbie Bent, founder of the organization Inward Breathwork, is on the cutting edge all the way. Inward Breathwork is the world’s first on-demand…


Workout Protocol To Boost Testosterone and Anti-Aging Benefits, Part 2

Part two of this show focuses on the importance of emphasizing a kinder, gentler approach when it comes to working out (especially in regards to high intensity exercise), the price of “diminishing returns” and how cumulative…


Workout Protocol To Boost Testosterone and Anti-Aging Benefits, Part 1

According to experts, merely moving around more in everyday life is very likely more important than adhering to a devoted fitness regimen. This two-part show will detail the correct approach to fitness for maximum benefits (in…


Dr. Marc Bubbs: “Peak 40” To Age Gracefully, Priority Management Instead Of Time Management, Making Fewer Decisions For Better Results, And Maybe Eating Breakfast For Insulin Sensitivity

Today’s show is fast-moving and informative as I talk to Dr. Marc Bubbs, a Canadian expert in all things related to peak performance.  A doctor in naturopathic medicine, as well as a long-time trainer and coach,…


Dr. Herman Pontzer: “The Data Always Wins”

The one and only Herman Pontzer, author of the transformative and life-changing book Burn, is back to share more fascinating knowledge in another hard-hitting show about energy expenditure. I was so blown away by the content…


Shawn Askinosie: Doing Meaningful Work and Eating Good Chocolate

Today we’re going deep with entrepreneur Shawn Askionsie! Not only is Shawn an exceedingly intelligent, kind, and driven individual, but he also happens to be the man behind the creation of my two absolute favorite chocolate…


Ronnie Loaiza: Female Fitness and Finding Your Why

Get ready for a lively conversation with personal trainer and health and fitness coach Ronnie Loaiza!  Ronnie is passionate about helping her clients feel their best, and this show features some really great practical tips for…


Katy Bowman: Grow Wild And The Importance of Movement Nutrition

I am so excited to share this interview with Katy Bowman today! As a prolific author, biomechanist, and founder of the Nutritious Movement movement, Katy is a real thought-leader who is passionate about teaching people about…