My Personal MOFO Mission

I’ve been carefully tracking all manner of factors related to male hormone health, athletic performance, and blood values, and am happy to report excellent results. I’ve been taking the component agents of MOFO since 2019 and taking healthy doses of MOFO since its arrival in April. 

Since February of 2020 when I became obsessed with the high jump, I have been performing really intense sprinting/jumping workouts that can be difficult to recover from. This is especially true when I do an actual practice session with the high jump bar because I’m having so much fun I don’t notice how tough the session is! Recently my college athlete son did my template workout with me, consisting of 16 sets of jumping drills (lasting 10-20 seconds with ~ one-minute rest between) and some sprints. He said it was too tough for a 55-year-old dude to do all that and then go take 10 practice jumps!

After these sessions, I’m tracking muscle soreness at 24 and 48 hours, daytime energy levels over the ensuing 48 hours, appetite, sleep quality, and generally how quickly I feel ready to perform another high-intensity workout. I will never say swallowing a pill makes me jump higher, but I can attest that transforming my diet and supplementing aggressively has prompted a huge improvement in my recovery. I am able to do the workout more frequently than ever before, dating back 14 years since I started focusing on high-intensity sprint workouts. I used to go to the track 3-4 times per month, and now it’s more like 5-7 times per month. I’ve gone from extreme muscle soreness virtually every time to almost no acute muscle soreness at the key checkpoint 48 hours after the session.

My subjective feelings of better recovery have been validated by excellent results in my frequent tracking of serum testosterone. Here are some lab results from 2020: 

January: 851

March: 772

June: 723

July: 859

In my 55-59 age group, the 95th percentile value for testosterone is 866. It’s nice to consider myself highly ranked, but it’s important to keep in mind how pathetic today’s “average” human is such that I landing in the 95th percentile for my age group is something I consider normal and expected instead of superior. For comparison, when I competed on the professional triathlon circuit in my hormonal prime of ages 21-30, my testosterone values usually were between 200-300. This was on account of chronic training patterns, extensive jet travel, and excess fight or flight hormone production, which antagonizes testosterone. 

As you may know, healthy testosterone is also strongly correlated with healthy libido. My stats in this area are not slated for public consumption in the same manner as my Track & Field marks or Speedgolf scores, but let’s just say I could cough up a smug comment at this juncture starting with, “Let’s just say…” 

However, I want to encourage all of us not to accept the disgraceful decline in metabolic and sexual function that we have come to expect as the norm in modern life. Research suggests that the average male testosterone level has been declining one percent per year since the 1980s. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study revealed that 52% of men over age 40-70 experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. ED is not “common,” it’s literally an affliction for the majority of modern males! 

As detailed in the 10 steps of the MOFO Mission, you can turn things around quickly with a comprehensive approach. Supplementing to replenish depleted cellular energy is part of the solution, but we must adopt a big picture approach and get all lifestyle behaviors on point. Consider that item #10 in the MOFO Mission is, “Don’t be a dick to your wife/girlfriend.” Emotionally stressful love relationships can trash your T despite your best efforts to eat and sleep like a champ. These insights are detailed beautifully by John Gray in all three of his episodes here, here, and here. My John Gray summary insights show gives you actionable tips to stay away from relationship dysfunction and rekindle the magic that can cause testosterone to skyrocket quickly. 

Finally, beyond the obvious allure of being a real MOFO on the athletic field and the bedroom, there are more nuanced benefits of healthy testosterone. My podcast interview with testosterone and peak performance expert Ashley Merryman provides great detail, as does her bestselling book (written with Po Bronson) called Top Dog: The Science of Winning And Losing. Top Dog describes how testosterone is not so much a hormone of aggression but rather a “social hormone” (she calls it “the hormonal expression of motivation itself”), that allows you to be more focused and productive in whatever it is you are doing, the driving motivation of which is to integrate and rise successfully in your social network. Athletes of course express high testosterone, but so do chess champions, or people doing high-quality creative work at their desks. Testosterone is the ultimate peak performance and anti-aging hormone that gives you the motivation to pursue what John Gray and others describe as the male’s primary biological drives; tackle challenges, solve problems, and master one’s environment. 

Download the Becoming A Modern Day MOFO eBook and get on the mission! Give MOFO a fair shot by taking 6 capsules a day every single day to finish out the bottle and assess the results. If you experience a rare but possible detox reaction, this is a sign that your detox pathways are being reactivated in the body by the potent formula. You can reduce your daily consumption as your body adjusts to coming back “online” as it should, then resume to the recommended six capsules per day. If you have any questions about the Male Optimization Formula w/Organs you can email me or contact Ancestral Supplements directly.


Brad Kearns
Brad Kearns
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