Happy Feet, Longer Life

I read something that caught my attention recently that I wanted to share: researchers in Japan discovered that they could accurately predict how well people looked after themselves merely by examining their feet—specifically, their toe flexor strength.
The data they gathered from the study allowed them to accurately predict not just the participants of the study’s ages, but their exercise, drinking and sleeping habits as well.
Foot health can be a pretty neglected area of wellness, especially when you consider the fact that most people have lived their lives in conventional, supportive shoes, since people only started to become aware of the benefits of wearing minimalist footwear little more than a decade ago.
This doesn’t mean never wearing any other kind of shoe again, though. Specialized footwear will always be a part of my life—especially when it comes to designated activities I enjoy doing, I love to wear a pair of shoes equipped with high jump spikes or track spikes.
But, I also love slipping into my Peluvas for the rest of the day. Particularly after high intensity sessions, I think it’s good to make an effort to be more active (instead of less) for the rest of the day.
Because our feet provide the foundation for everything that we do, having strong feet is essential for overall wellness and healthy aging. This is especially true as we get older, since nothing is as important for longevity as preserving muscle mass. But if you don’t have a strong foundation, how can you tackle this ultra important objective?
Interestingly, research about the effects of wearing minimalist shoes shows that they are just as effective at increasing foot muscle size and strength as performing foot strengthening exercises.
If you haven’t tried wearing minimalist shoes yet, I urge you to reconsider that choice.
And if you’re someone who has tried barefoot shoes before but experienced discomfort, or if you want to take your foot strength to the next level, or if you’re currently wearing shoes with a narrow toe box, try a pair of Peluvas—they are the most comfortable (and best looking) minimalist shoes I’ve ever worn. Use the code BRADPODCAST and get 15% off your order!


Brad Kearns
Brad Kearns
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