What Makes MOFO So Powerful

Designed to naturally boost your testosterone production, increase daily energy levels, and help replenish your body at the cellular level, MOFO is a unique supplement composed of nutrient-rich animal organs, sourced straight from New Zealand, from 100% grass-fed cattle. But what is it exactly about these specific animal organs that make them so incredible for your health and impressively effective at boosting testosterone? Let’s get into it….

The Key Components of MOFO:

Grass-fed bovine testicle (1,560mg)

This is the predominant ingredient featured in MOFO. Testosterone production takes place mainly in the testes (and additionally in the adrenal glands), and bovine testicle gives you a potent dose of the signaling molecules that are responsible for testosterone production, as it contains the specific proteins, peptides, enzymes, and cofactors that are linked with testosterone production and strong testicular health. 

Like other organ meats, testicle is a great source of micronutrients like vitamin E, vitamin D, zinc, as well as a complete profile of amino acids. D-aspartic acid is one particularly notable factor here, as it is believed to improve low T and low sperm count by prompting an increase in two key precursor hormones: FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). Bovine testicle, along with the accompanying ingredients in MOFO, also works synergistically with your body’s natural feedback loops, which actually optimizes testosterone production, while also improving your overall metabolic and endocrine health and increasing your resiliency against modern stressors. 

And that’s not all! Some other benefits of consuming grass-fed bovine testicle include:

Vitamin E. This is one of the major antioxidants in the body that protects fatty acids located in the cell membrane from free radical damage, and it also happens to be abundant in bovine testicles. Further, it is believed that eating animal foods that contain high levels of vitamin E transfers to high vitamin E levels in your muscle tissue. Studies also suggest that vitamin E works synergistically with testosterone to boost antioxidant and overall endocrine function, increase sperm count, improve sperm motility, and boost fertility

Trace amounts of testosterone. Freeze dried bovine testicles actually contain some small amounts of testosterone — at least, enough that a genetic signaling effect takes place, but without negatively affecting your body’s natural production of this hormone. This unfortunately is an all too common occurrence when people turn to drug therapy to boost testosterone production, as it actually leads to internal testosterone production shutting down in the body specifically because it actually overrides your body’s natural feedback loops and genetic signaling. People who participate in TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) commonly realize the same, telltale sign (the shrinking of the testicles), and while supplemental testosterone does give you an immediate boost, there are numerous risks involved: most people usually become quite reliant on the medication, which also carries a high potential of actually increasing risk of long-term health problems, like reproductive cancers!

Selenium and zinc. Grass-fed bovine testes also contain selenium and zinc, which is particularly notable as this is optimal for synergistic potential (and, another example of why organ supplementation is far superior to synthetic vitamins delivered in isolation.)

Grass-fed bovine prostate (360mg) 

Prostate is full of prostate-specific building blocks that support your own prostate health, erectile health, fertility, and decrease cancer risk. There are also molecular bio-directors present in bovine prostate that provide the DNA blueprint for healthy methylation of raw materials, like B12, folate, and choline. As a chemical reaction that occurs in the cell, methylation actually changes the way proteins react to each other. A good example of this can be seen in the detoxification processes that result from the methylation of carbon and hydrogen atoms with proteins, as they specifically affect the function of genes, hormones, and enzymes.

B12 has many functions, but one notably impressive one is the special role it plays in prostate health, because it has the capability of actually minimizing chromosomal breakage, and this in turn, reduces prostate cancer risk. Prostate cancer is thought of as one of the least lethal and slower-growing cancers, but, please do not let this fool you into thinking heightened awareness is not necessary. It is: over 70 percent of men over the age of 80 will contract prostate cancer. A healthy prostate is an essential part of being a MOFO! Prostate nerves are what prompt the penis to swell and harden with additional blood flow, resulting in an erection. Therefore, the high levels of B6 found in bovine prostate (as well as in the rest of MOFO’s ingredients), actually helps prevent erectile dysfunction because it increases your red blood cells’ capacity to carry oxygen.

Grass-fed bovine heart (360mg)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Supporting arterial health, blood pressure, and healthy cardiovascular function, the richest source of this naturally occurring coenzyme family is actually found in grass-fed bovine heart. Even more impressive, Coenzyme Q10 is also an absolute nutritional and antioxidant powerhouse for mitochondria. Mitochondria (the energy producing power plants located inside each cell) work to protect you against free radical damage, and also represents the essence of healthy cellular function. Considering all that, it’s hardly surprising to learn that CoQ10 has long been known as a premium (aka expensive) supplement and one of the ultimate anti-aging agents. And it’s no wonder, since it helps boost ATP production, protects against muscle loss, as well as other stress-related declines in cell membrane integrity, cardiovascular health, and brain function. 

Another wonderful thing about this highly bioavailable form of CoQ10 present in MOFO is that it will get working straight away on boosting your energy. Maybe you’ve been experiencing depleted CoQ10, from either illness, statin use, or nutritional deficiency. Well, once you start taking MOFO, you’ll very likely (and quickly) notice a marked difference in your daily energy levels, because you are taking a supplement that contains the highest quality CoQ10 source anyone can get.

Finally, grass-fed bovine heart is an abundant source for many B-complex vitamins that are phenomenal for healthy cardiovascular function. B-complex vitamins can help protect you against various diseases as they aid in lowering triglyceride, blood pressure, and oxidized cholesterol levels, while also improving blood vessel function. And neurotransmitter function in the brain is actually optimized by B-complex vitamins, because they help you maintain sharp cognition and balance your mood, while additionally protecting you from cognitive decline and disease.

Grass-fed liver (360mg) 

Superior in nutrient density to any other food on the planet, liver is absolutely key to what makes MOFO such a powerful supplement. To better understand the role liver plays in the body, think of it as a control tower that is at all times, both storing and dispensing calories and micronutrients into the bloodstream. Most people believe that the liver stores toxins, but it really is the premier detoxifying organ. So if you want to seriously replenish cellular energy, try to find different ways of adding tons of liver to your diet. I personally prefer to eat it raw and frozen (but slightly thawed) topped with a generous amount of salt (check out a video of me preparing it here). But, if you’re not into the taste quite yet, then Ancestral Supplements’ Grassfed Beef Liver capsules are a great way of getting the amazing health benefits that come from liver. You’ll likely notice a big transformation in various areas of your life after you begin incorporating it into your daily life: your energy levels will skyrocket (and stay consistent!), your sleep habits will noticeably improve, and you may even see a shift in both your mood and emotional stability.

Another key reason why liver is so crucial to a healthy diet is that it is simply the best dietary source of Vitamin A (aka retinol). Vitamin A is hard to obtain through other dietary sources, and the truth is, it’s pretty likely that you are deficient in Vitamin A if you are not eating liver. Vitamin A is important for many reasons: it supports healthy cell differentiation, cell proliferation and apoptosis (this means programmed cell death for the cells that are misbehaving). But that’s not all – it’s also integral for additional functions in the body, like tissue integrity, your visual and dental health, the quality of your skin, embryonic development, and immune regulation. It also has incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that offer powerful protection against macular degeneration, which has become an increasingly common condition among the elderly. 

And, it is also absolutely key for healthy testosterone production. We know this because of studies that show testosterone secretion increases when you have more vitamin A in your testes. Not only that, but the additional Vitamin A also helps in increasing the secretion of transferrin as well, which acts as an important agent for transferring iron and various growth factors (like IGF-binding protein, androgen-binding protein, and transforming growth factor-beta), which are great for boosting hormone optimization and muscle growth and recovery. Additionally, Vitamin A aids in decreasing estrogen production in the testes. 

But Vitamin A deficiency is common, and can actually render your body more vulnerable to unregulated cell division – something that marks the development of cancers throughout the body. And it’s no wonder when you look at all that liver has to offer and see the numerous benefits you’re missing out on because of the amazing nutrition it contains, like heme iron, folate, vitamin B12, and the entire B vitamin family. And did you know that when it comes to B12, you actually get 50 times more of it when you eat liver compared to when you eat a steak? Liver also boasts higher levels of folate and B-complex vitamins than any other known food. 

Grass-fed bone marrow (360mg)

In Chinese medicine, bone marrow is considered to contain the essence of a human being, as it is the deepest tissue of the body. Weston A. Price, who studied Native people among many others, noted that the Native American thought of bone marrow as prized nutrition. Interestingly, some researchers actually found piles of cracked bones with extracted bone marrow when looking for skeletons! So what’s so good about bone marrow? Well, to start, it offers all the nutrients and things like collagen, growth factors, stem cells, fat soluble activators, and trace minerals that the human body needs to build, repair, and maintain our bones, teeth, and connective tissues. Stem cells are particularly important, as they are connected to our system’s vitality and ability to renew.

Bone marrow is also special because it contains highly desirable compounds that you really cannot find in muscle meats. This is something even the healthiest eaters need to be aware of, as their diet can still be lacking in crucial elements like collagen and glycosaminoglycans, which are phenomenal for supporting connective tissue health.  Collagen is a wonderful source of bioactive growth factors, including Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), Transforming Growth Factor ß I (TGFßI) and Cartilage Derived Growth Factor (CDGF). These growth factors, which function as a diverse group of proteins in the body, are responsible for critical biological functions, are notably beneficial for connective tissue health. Dr. Cate Shanahan actually says that connective tissue health can be strongly and directly linked to longevity.

Another thing that is so impressive about collagen is the kind of collagen present in MOFO. While collagen has become a super-trendy, of the moment health supplement, commercial collagen supplements unfortunately get damaged because of the high temperature of the heat processing they go through. Ancestral Supplements instead opts to use a more gentle method, using a freeze-dried process that ensures the nutritious, but delicate elements of these organs remain intact, so your body can obtain maximum nutritional benefits. 

One last thing about the collagen and glycosaminoglycans present in MOFO is the incredible heliotropic healing effect these agents have on your body. Simply put, collagen and other joint support compounds will actually go to the areas where your system needs them the most. And this “like supports like” method of healing applies to all types of chronic pain and achiness from even decades-old injuries — try it, and see the results for yourself!

And one last note about MOFO: if you want this powerful, testosterone boosting supplement to have a maximum beneficial impact, then you must also apply a comprehensive lifestyle plan that helps you steer clear from the major stressors of modern life, while also giving your body the food, exercise stimulus, rest and recovery, and emotional stability it needs to thrive. Listen to my show, The Life-Changing MOFO Mission, for more information and tips on how to supercharge this supplement and take your health to the next level! If you’d like to read some personal stories about the incredible benefits and changes people have experienced since starting to take MOFO daily, then click here for Success Stories. And if you’re interested in ordering MOFO, reading even more about it, or downloading a free eBook all about Becoming A Modern Day MOFO, click here.





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