A Day In My Life

Let’s have some fun and get some guidance and inspiration to be healthy, happy, active, fit, stress-balanced, focused, and productive every day! In this video, I welcome you to Lake Tahoe to view my day from start to finish. Here are a few topics you will enjoy and hopefully get inspired by while watching this video:

Morning routine: This elaborate sequence of flexibility/mobility/yoga/core and leg strengthening exercises has become the cornerstone of my day, and is a wonderful way of awakening naturally, elevating your fitness base, increasing daily activity levels, while also supporting focus and discipline for the rest of the day. What started four years ago as a quick 12-minute leg stretch and core session has steadily progressed into a 35-minute effort with a high degree of difficulty and significant fitness boost. For more inspiration on creating an optimal morning routine, check out these Get Over Yourself episodes (Developing a Fun, Energizing, Sustainable, Non-Intimidating Morning Routine and A Stress-Free Approach to a Productive and Enjoyable Morning Routine).

Jogging 2.0: I have ditched my decades-long morning steady-state jogging outing for a more creative and challenging workout that instead, builds explosive power, balance, and agility, while still delivering an excellent cardiovascular workout. I jog to Lake Tahoe (for a quick swim!) while demonstrating various brief, challenging dynamic stretches, technique drills, and explosive efforts, interspersed with the usual jogging and also walking for recovery.

Workplace variation: I show you how to create a simple standup desk, low desk and regular desk to rotate through over the course of the workday, and how to sit or stand in proper spinal alignment at all times.

Healthy eating and supplementations: An energizing morning hot beverage with assorted peak performance agents, a quick & easy nutrient-dense carnivore-ish midday break-fast, a colorful, nutritious celebratory dinner with guests, and even a concoction of nutritious food your dog will love.

Micro-workouts: I demonstrate a ton of different options that you can try with minimal floor space. You can start with simple, inexpensive equipment (Stretch Cordz, Mini Bands) and escalate as desired to (X3 Bar, Iron Neck, etc.). Micro-workouts offer awesome fitness benefits (without the risk of burnout from overly stressful formal workouts) and help break up periods of stillness during your workday. For more info on micro-workouts, listen to past episodes like The Incredible Micro-Workout And Other Time-Efficient Fitness Tips and How To Get Started With Micro Workouts. Now Is The Time!.

Calming evening routine: Winding down with relaxing, mellow, low light evenings is key to a good night’s sleep and optimal health. Previous Get Over Yourself episodes like The Importance of a Pitch Dark Sleeping Experience and Sunlight in The Morning, Sleep Tips From Assorted Experts, and also MOFO Mission #1: Sleep are packed with tons of helpful information and useful tips if you’d like to learn more about how to ensure a good night’s sleep and lock in a calming evening routine and perfect your sleep environment.

Products used in this video:

Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece 

Male Optimization Formula w Organs

Stretch Cordz


Brad Kearns
Brad Kearns
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