Carnivore Is Here To Stay, And Worth Considering

I’ve been captivated by the carnivore premise since first being exposed to the work of Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Shawn Baker a couple of years ago. Well, Danny Vega (fitness legend and host of Fat Fueled Family podcast) first told me about the awesome benefits of carnivore in 2017 and I basically discounted his enthusiastic message that was not aligned with my rigid belief system.) Alas, the anecdotal success and scientific validity are impossible to ignore today. After first experimenting with carnivore in April of 2019, I have revised my long time eating habits to emphasize animal foods in a nose-to-tail strategy and to not purposely go looking for huge piles of vegetables to consume in the name of health. I feel as though this is a permanent switch. 

If you are curious, concerned, or confused about this carnivore thing, Mark Sisson published a great overview of the rationale and benefits of at least trying it. The fabulously incredible book, Carnivore Cooking For Cool Dudes (I being one of the cool dudes along with Brian McAndrew and Will Shewfelt), provides even further detail about the rationale and benefits of trying carnivore or carnivore-ish, lifestyle tips that will help improve your chances of success and compliance, and of course tons of delicious recipes that make carnivore easy and fun. 

For anyone who is suffering from nagging autoimmune or inflammatory conditions that aren’t responding to traditional treatment, a 30-day carnivore experiment seems like an incredibly good idea that could bring remarkable healing, as seen with many success stories at MeatRx.com, Dr. Shawn Baker’s thriving carnivore online community. For those requiring scientific validation, listen to my podcasts with Dr. Paul Saladino (show #1 here and show #2 here) where he has a remarkable aptitude to reference numerous scientific studies but convey the message in easy to understand language. 

I don’t experience blatant sensitivities or suffering from consuming plant toxins, so I’m not personally concerned with eating strictly carnivore. I enjoy my nuts and nut butter (especially Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece!), high cacao percentage dark chocolate, fresh seasonal fruits, and occasional indulgences such as popcorn, corn tortillas, and sweet potato fries. I suspect many people with nagging health issues (leaky gut being the most prominent) would greatly benefit from a plant restriction period. 

Perhaps most exciting is the potential for carnivore to be the most awesome fat loss strategy known to mankind. This is an eating pattern where you can remain highly satisfied, never hungry, while dropping excess body fat. This is on account of consuming little or no carbs and minimizing insulin production to unleash fat burning, while enjoying the extremely satiating effects of protein and fat from rich, nutrient-dense, animal foods. 

If you are interested in learning more about how carnivore can help you drop excess body fat and improve your health, listen to my Breather Show with Insights about my personal carnivore experiment.


Brad Kearns
Brad Kearns
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