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Mind-blowing, life-changing exotic nut butter blend with macadamia, walnut, cashew, coconut butter, cacao nibs, and MCT oil. The ultimate nutritious quick snack or treat.



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Masterpiece 3-pack (get 4), Masterpiece 6-pack (get 8), Masterpiece Single


The Masterpiece is fresh ground and cold processed to preserve every bit of nutrient value and authentic ingredient taste and texture. It is completely free of additives, fillers, binders or stabilizing agents. Every raw ingredient has been individual selected for top quality, and sourced to origin from around the world.

For example, we import the premium Mayan Gold raw macadamia nuts from Guatemala–quality control inspected and stamped to ensure freshness and purity of every single nut. No flecking, flaking or spoiling that can happen when nuts are processed with harmful agents or older nuts are sourced from the cheapest distributor.


We use the world’s first USDA certified organic MCT oil

obtained from fresh, young coconuts. This supports small, organic farmers and sustainable agriculture, and compares favorably to most MCT supplements derived from commodity raw materials of unspecified origin and age. Many products contain the nutritionally inferior and environmentally objectionable palm oil to reduce costs. Inferior supplements are refined, bleached and de-odorized with chemical additives at high temperatures. Our MCT oil is gently and gradually expeller-pressed to generate pure, potent, and metabolically active forms of MCT oil that promote ketone production: C8 caprylic acid and C10 capric acid. These are excellent sources of sustained energy that are burned cleanly and efficiently instead of stored, and up to 10 times more ketogenic than regular coconut oil.


As a lifelong athlete, I’ve been devoted to fueling my body with the most nutritious foods for many decades. I’ve experimented with extreme diets over the years, including the fads of the day like Eat To Win, Fit For Life, and other forgettable and wacky stuff. I was a vegetarian for a short time when I was a pro triathlete. Another time, I ate three hamburgers every day for several weeks when I was diagnosed as iron deficient. In recent years, I’ve been an enthusiastic promoter of ancestral-style eating, aka primal/paleo/keto/carnivore.

I was strict ketogenic for several months (with blood metering several times a day, ugh!) and have also succeeded with a carnivore-ish pattern (dark chocolate and nut-butter friendly version, of course!). I’m the co-author (with my main man Mark Sisson) of the New York Times bestseller, The Keto Reset Diet, and have co-authored the fabulous cookbooks, Keto Cooking For Cool Dudes, and Carnivore Cooking For Cool Dudes.

Macadamia Masterpiece

Perhaps best and easiest of all, it’s a great option as a spoonful snack during busy times when you want a little energy boost without the fuss of a proper meal or the downsides of a high carb processed food. Go ahead, get a spoon and go for it!

Customer Reviews

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Great podcast thanks Brad. I found the concept of additional weight being highly costly to explosive movement (i.e. sprinting and jumping) particularly interesting. Could you share an example sprinting/jumping workout you would do? Thanks again!
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you are so right My parents were European and always ate natural always ate at home, had their own garden. all four children were relatively healthy except for a sister who used to sneak sugar and candy all the time. she has headaches
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I saw Dr Cate Shanahan on Bill mahar's Real Time and want ti read her books, lusten to her podcasts and learn more!!!


The MOFO Mission (you should choose to accept it!) is off and running and lives are changing.

MOFO has been nothing short of an incredible addition to my daily life. After a few days of taking this stuff, I started noticing higher energy levels throughout the day (and focus), increased libido (no joke!!), and better sleep (didn’t expect this at all!), not to mention better performance in the gym. I was finally able to break through a deadlift plateau and pull a 605lb deadlift, more than triple my body weight of 198 pounds! I was astonished because other than the MOFO supplement (and it’s positive, accompanying side effects) nothing else had changed in my daily routine in order to merit this accomplishment. I’m a big believer in MOFO and personally, I like to double dose this stuff at 12 capsules per day. The more the merrier!”


28, Union Grove, AL. Marketing director and powerlifter.

“I’ve been taking MOFO for several months and I can really tell a
difference in my stamina, strength, and body composition. When I
started working out of my home in 2020, I devised a unique strategy
to stay fit and break up prolonged periods of stillness. On the hour
alarm, I do 35 pushups, 15 pullups, and 30 squats. I also walk around
my neighborhood in direct sunlight with my shirt off at midday. My
fitness has actually skyrockted since the closing of my gym!
However, this daily routine (in addition to many other regular
workouts as well as occasional extreme endurance feats, like a
Grand Canyon double crossing that takes all day) is no joke. I need
to optimize my sleep habits with evenings of minimal screen use
and dim light, and eat an exceptionally nutrient-dense diet, and
finally take the highest quality and most effective and appropriate
supplements I can find.”


50, Austin, TX. Peak performance expert, certified
health coach, and extreme endurance athlete.

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