Brad Kearns Triathlon Race Results





Date           Race Name and Location              Result

––––           –––––––––––––––––––––––             ––––––

May 10         Bakersfield Bud Light               17th

May 24         Bonelli Park Championship      14th

June 1         Orange County Performing Arts       11th

June 7         Las Vegas Roadrunner           2nd

June 14        USTS Dana Point, CA                 26th

July 13        USTS Portland                       12th

July 26        Castaic Tri Series #2               3rd

August 16      Cascade Lakes Tri                   8th

August 17      Castaic Tri Series #3               3rd

August 24      Huntington Beach, CA           3rd

September 13   Texas Hill Country                  4th

September 27   Castaic Championships               7th

October 5      Nice, France Championships          126th

November 16    Boca Pointe, FL Nat'l Sprint        7th

November 22    Desert Princess Biathlon #1         1st

December 6 Penrod's, Ft. Lauderdale, FL        1st



Date           Race Name and Location              Result

––––           –––––––––––––––––––––––             ––––––

January 10 Desert Princess Biathlon #2         1st

February 28    Desert Princess Championships       4th

April 26       Bonelli Park, CA #1                 6th

May 9          Gulf Coast, Panama City, Fl         4th

May 16         Bonelli Park, CA #2                 1st

May 31         Orange County Performing Arts       3rd

June 7         Bonelli Park, CA Championships 2nd

June 14        USTS Dana Point Swim–Run            6th

June 21        San Diego International             1st

June 28        USTS Baltimore, MD                  12th

July 11        Lake Castaic, CA                    2nd

July 19        US National Biathlon, Ontario       5th

August 29      World's Toughest, Lake Tahoe        1st (DQ)

October 25 Nice, France Championships          20th

November 21    Desert Princess Biathlon #1         3rd


Desert Princess World Championship Series          1st



Date           Race Name and Location              Result

––––           ––––––––––––––––––––––              ––––––

January 9      Desert Princess Biathlon #2         4th

February 20    Desert Princess Biathlon Champs 5th

April 10       America's Paradise, St. Croix       14th

May 30         Oceanside Tri–Prix                  10th

June 28        Huntington Beach, CA           1st

July 4         Heritage Int'l, Provo, UT      17th

August 8       Vancouver Interantional, Canada     8th

August 15      Kelowna World Champs, Canada        6th

September 4    Wilkes–Barre, PA Nat'l Champ        5th

September 11   Sacramento International            1st

September 24   Nice, France World Champ            5th

October 10 Human Race, Newport Beach      1st

November 6 Bermuda International               3rd

November 12    US Biathlon Champ, New York City    3rd

November 26    Eilat International, Israel         3rd



Date           Race Name and Location              Result

____           –––––––––––––––––––––––            ––––––

March 25       Bikesport Malibu Biathlon           2nd

April 28       World Cup, Gold Coast, Australia    12th

May 30         Nice, France                        11th

June 11        San Diego International            1st

August 6       USTS San Clemente                   3rd

August 20      Chicago Sun–Times Nat'l Champs      5th

September 17   Sacramento Interantional            6th

September 24   Human Race, Newport Beach           3rd

October 17     Ironman World Championship, Hawaii  30th

Nov 5          USTS Championships, Hilton Head     5th

Nov 12         New York City Biathlon              1st

Nov 19         Antigua Pineapple Triathlon         2nd




Date           Race Name and Location              Result

––––           –––––––––––––––––––––––––––        ––––––

March 31       Valle de Bravo, Mexico              3rd

April 28       Tampa Bay, FL                       2nd

May 6          World Cup, Gold Coast, Australia    4th

May 27         Coors Lite Orange County Biathlon   6th

June 3         Orange County Performing Arts       1st

June 10        Bud Light USTS San Jose             5th

June 24        Bud Light USTS Baltimore            5th

July 22        Oxnard Bud Light                    1st

July 28        Mammoth Snowcreek                   3rd

August 26      Reebok World, Toronto               1st

September 9    Sacramento International            5th

September 16   Coors Light Portland Biathlon       3rd

September 29   US Swim & Fitness, Phoenix          2nd

September 30   Huntington Beach                    1st

October 20 USTS Las Vegas Championships        6th

October 27 San Jose Software Biathlon          1st

Nov 4          Anaheim Memorial Hospital Biathlon  6th

Nov 11         Phoenix Coors Light Championship    3rd

Dec 1          Eilat International, Israel         1st


victories: 6 top 6 finishes: 19



Date           Race Name and Location              Place         

––––           ––––––––––––––––––––––             –––––

April 28       St. Anthony's ,Tampa Bay, FL        2nd

May 19         Bud Light Phoenix                   1st

June 2         Orange County Performing Arts       1st

June 16        Bud Light San Jose                  2nd

June 23        Bud Light Baltimore            3rd

July 7         Bud Light Chicago                   2nd

July 14        Bud Light Vermont                   3rd

July 21        Oxnard Bud Light                    2nd

Sept 8         Bud Light San Diego            1st

September 21   Bud Light Las Vegas            3rd

September 29   Huntington Beach, CA           1st

October 6      Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA             1st

October 27 San Jose Software Biathlon          1st

November 10    Nat'l Sprint Championships,Florida 1st

November 17    Ixtapa World Cup/Pan Am Champs 1st

November 30    Eilat, Israel International         1st


1991 Bud Light Series/Coke Grand Prix              1st


16 races completed

16 top 3 finishes

9 victories



Date           Race Name and Location              Place

––––           ––––––––––––––––––––––              –––––

Apr 26         St. Anthony's Tampa Bay             1st

May 4          America's Paradise, St. Croix       3rd

July 12        DeGeorge Sprint, Southington, CT    2nd

Aug 23         Chicago Sun–Times                   5th

Aug 30         ITU World Cup Beijing, China        3rd

Sep 12         ITU World Championship, Canada      5th

Sep 26         Bud Light Championship, Las Vegas   10th

Dec 6          Eilat, Israel Interantional         4th



Date           Race Name and Location              Place

––––           ––––––––––––––––––––––              –––––

Apr 18         St. Croix International             9th

Apr 25         St. Anthony's Tampa Bay, FL         9th

May 16         Old Sacramento, CA                  1st

May 23         DCA Atlanta Sprint, GA              1st

Jun 28         San Diego International             4th

July 17        US Swim & Fitness, MN               15th

July 25        DeGeorge Sprint, CT                 2nd

Aug 8          Nat'l Pro Champs, Cleveland, OH     8th

Aug 14         Embrun, France World Cup            15th

Aug 22         ITU World Championship, England     24th

Sep 25         Acapulco, Mexico International      3rd

Oct 3          Santa Cruz Sentinel                 2nd

Oct 24         ITU World Cup final, St. Thomas     5th



Date           Race Name and Location              Place

––––           ––––––––––––––––––––––              –––––

Apr 17         St. Croix, Intl Pro Tour  (IPT)     7th

Apr 24         St. Anthony's Tampa Bay, FL (IPT)   4th

May 22         Memphis in May,TN                   2nd

June 5         Mazda/Orange County (IPT)           7th

June 26        ITU World Cup Los Cabos, Mexico     3rd

Sept 24        ITU World Cup Duathlon, Dallas,TX   2nd

Oct 2          Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA             1st

Oct 30         ITU World Cup, Ixtapa, Mexico       5th

Nov 19         Eilat, Israel                       3rd

Nov 26         ITU World Champs, New Zealand       13th     





Date           Race Name and Location              Place

______         -----------------------             ---------


May 6          Wildflower 1/2 ironman              3rd